Sniper Rifle Parker-Hale M82

    sniper rifle parker-hale m82
    Parker-Hale M82

    M82 rifle was developed by British company Parker-Hale in the 1970s to arm police force and army units.

    M82 sniper rifle built on Mauser bolt, lockable when you turn on the 2 front and one rear lugs for the receiver box. Massive also Mauzerovskogo type extractor, turning the shutter does not rotate.

    < td> Sighting range, m
    Caliber, mm 7.62x51 NATO
    (.308 Win)
    Weight empty, kg 4.8
    Length, 1162
    Barrel length, mm 680
    Capacity, number . cartridges 4
    Muzzle velocity, m / s 850

    Heavy barrel is by cold forging.

    Trigger adjustable for length of pull and trigger travel. Flag is non-automatic safety in the rear of the bolt. Left position flag - "fire", right - "fuse».

    Shop - neotemny for 4 rounds, charged at the open gate.

    To unload the rifle is necessary to press the cover latch to store in the front of the trigger guard, hinged lid toss ahead and store content will be retrieved. Open the bolt to remove the cartridge, which can be in the chamber. Inspect the chamber and shop, close the valve, pull the trigger, close the magazine cover.

    stock of wood, the stock is adjustable in length using inserts. The Lodge has a special attachment for the bipod.

    sniper rifle parker-hale m82

    Sights can be installed very different - conventional open sights, sports type spectacles, optical. In particular, the Canadians on their rifles and C3 S3A1 use sights Unertl 10X.

    M82 sniper rifle is marked: «PARKER-HALE LTD BIRMINGHAM ENGLAND 7.62 NATO» top of the barrel, the serial number on the left side of the barrel breech.

    as military sniper rifles Parker-Hale M82 was adopted by the armies of Australia, New Zealand, Canada (under the designation C3 and S3A1 - upgraded version with a detachable magazine with 6 rounds) and of course in England (in the police and the Marine Corps). < / p>

    Modification M82 with wooden lodge with shortened stock and forend was adopted in 1983 by the British army as a training under the designation L81A1 «Cadet Rifle Treyning».


    «Parker-Hale» ceased production at the time these M82 rifles have long been used by various power units.

    sniper rifle parker-hale m82

    Training option M82


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