Sniper Rifle Parker-Hale M85

    sniper rifle parker-hale m85
    Parker-Hale M85
    sniper rifle parker-hale m85
    Parker-Hale M85
    Army camouflage version

    M85 sniper rifle chambered for the caliber 7.62 NATO, .308 Winchester was developed by British company Parker-Hale in 1986 for arming police forces and army units.

    In 1970-1980-ies of British sniper rifles enjoyed great success model M82 rifle, which served as the basis for creating rifles Parker-Hale M85.

    Caliber, mm 7.62x51 NATO
    (.308 Winchester)
    Weight sight, kg 5.7
    Length mm 1150
    Barrel length, mm 700
    Muzzle velocity m / s 850
    Sighting range, m 900
    Capacity count. cartridges 10

    M85 sniper rifle is a non-automatic rifle shopping.

    At the heart of a sniper rifle Parker-Hale M85 - the same Mauzerovskogo gate.

    Barrel - weighted, float type. Rifling barrel are made by cold forging and designed for five thousand shots.

    The thumb

    non-automatic safety in the rear of the bolt. Left position flag - "fire", right - "fuse».


    muzzle is threaded for mounting the muffler or flame arrester.

    sniper rifle parker-hale m85
    Parker-Hale M85
    POLICE option

    Butt made of wood and the length can be changed using the lining from 315 to 415 mm. In the butt zatylnoy a rubber padding.

    pistol grip has a grooved surface.

    M85 rifle designed for long-term use in harsh conditions. Between the body and butt pad placed highly resistant epoxy resin "Devkon F".

    At the end of

    forend is coupling sleeve for mounting bipod hinge which allows the slope to 14 degrees.

    sniper rifle parker-hale m85
    Parker-Hale M85
    In carrying case

    Sniper Rifle Parker-Hale M85 is equipped with a standard telescopic sight 6x42 Schmidt & Bender. Telescopic sight 6x42, verified chambered for 7.62 x 51 mm, has a remote drum with graduation at a range of 200-900 m and provides defeat growth target first shot at a range of up to 600 m

    In this model 85 can be equipped with various telescopic and optical sights, but only a standard 6-fold aim guarantees 85% of hits on target at a range of up to 900 m

    1990, Parker-Hale has discontinued sniper rifles Parker-Hale M85 and M85 sold the project U.S. firm Gibbs Rifle Company, which continued production model 85 rifle under the same brand name «Parker-Hale».

    M85 sniper rifle was adopted by the army and special forces of Argentina, Canada, New Zealand.

    sniper rifle parker-hale m85

    Parker-Hale M85


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