Sniper rifle PGM Mini-Hecate .338

    sniper rifle pgm mini-hecate .338
    PGM Mini-Hecate.338
    Caliber, mm 8.6h70
    (.338 Lapua)
    Length (stock extended), mm 1290
    Length ( stock closed) mm 1010
    Barrel length, mm 700
    Weight unloaded and optics, kg 6.6
    Capacity count. cartridges 10
    Effective range, m 1200

    sniper rifle PGM Mini-Hecate.338, also known as PGM.338 LM (LM - Lapua Magnum) or PGM 338, designed for sniper fire on the personnel and unarmored vehicles enemy at ranges up to 1200 meters, as well as to combat landmines.

    Rifle PGM Mini-Hecate.338 established as an intermediate weapon in the line of rifles rifle company PGM between 7.62 mm NATO (PGM UR Intervention, UR Commando) and large-caliber guns Hecate II-caliber 12.7 mm.

    sniper rifle PGM Mini-Hecate.338 developed Movigliatti Chris (Chris Movigliatti) of the Swiss company ASMP and produced by the French company PGM Precision. PGM rifles selling company worldwide concern has been famous Belgian FN Herstal.

    sniper rifle pgm mini-hecate .338

    PGM Mini-Hecate.338 built on the so-called. "Skeletal" scheme, when the rifle is a metal base (in this case - aluminum) tire which they are attached receiver, hardware, trigger and all other elements of the rifle.

    rotary bolt has three lugs in the front part and locked for breech. USM - adjustable.

    Barrel made by cold forging technology has longitudinal valleys to facilitate and better cooling, as well as an effective muzzle brake.

    Receiver is made of aluminum alloy. On the top surface of the receiver made Picatinny rails for mounting optical and night sights and other tactical accessories.

    Open rifle sights are not allowed.

    forend and pistol grip are made of polymeric materials and attached to the frame.

    Aluminum rifle butt folded sideways, with a cushion-shock absorber on the back plate. The butt is adjustable in length and height, and also has an adjustable stop cheek.

    folding bipod is attached to the front of the base frame weapons. Under the butt has an additional adjustable folding support ("third leg"), which helps to keep weapons induced in the target area for a long period of time.

    Food arms ammunition made from detachable box magazine capacity of 10 rounds.

    sniper rifle PGM Mini-Hecate.338, using sniper ammunition, provides the technical accuracy of the order of 0.5 arc minute.

    Rifle PGM 338 was adopted by the Army special forces and law enforcement agencies of France, Slovenia, Singapore, Poland, Switzerland.

    sniper rifle pgm mini-hecate. 338
    PGM Mini-Hecate.338


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