Sniper rifle PGM Ultima Ratio

    sniper rifle pgm ultima ratio
    PGM UR Intervention

    Since late 1980s, the armed forces and law enforcement agencies of France began to buy new sniper rifle PGM UR «Intervention» («Intervention"), the issue of which (in small series production) has established a small French firm armory developer PGM Precision (y Les Chavannes) are included in the title of their sniper rifles motto «Ultima Ratio» («The last argument»).

    all models feature precision weapons PGM Precision company is that they are built as sporting target rifle in a modular scheme, all its components and parts are assembled on a frame made of high-strength metal alloys.

    Rifle PGM UR «Intervention», created under the 7.62mm NATO cartridge refers to the gun store with mechanical reloading, the sliding bolt from turning during locking. Shutter has three lugs. Bolt handle, as well as a sniper rifle FR F1, bent down and brought back.

    sniper rifle pgm ultima ratio
    PGM UR Commando I

    massive free-floating barrel length of 600 mm has transverse ribs to improve heat transfer and two-chamber muzzle brake. This barrel can be quickly replaced by another device equipped with a built-silently for flameless.

    PGM UR
    PGM UR
    Commando I
    PGM UR
    Commando II
    Caliber, mm 7.62x51 (.308 Win)
    - In combat
    - Stowed






    Barrel, mm
    600 550 470
    Weight 7.39 6.26 6.12
    Count. cartridges
    5, 10
    Fire, m

    To reduce sound of the shot using a special type with integrated silencer separator flow of propellant gases.

    Loading the rifle

    made from the quick five-shot magazine staggered rounds.

    In front of the wooden forearm fixed telescopic rifle bipod, adjustable in height and angle, stowed folded forward under the barrel.

    on the rifle no iron sights, while it is equipped with a standard attachment point, allowing to mount as telescopic sights «Universal» and «Weaver», and opto-electronic night vision sights.

    This weapon has a high combat qualities - when firing from a prone position with a stop at a distance of 100 m by a series of 5 shots all the bullets lie in a circle of 19 mm diameter.

    For special forces company PGM Precision rifle developed on the basis of PGM UR «Intervention» its compact version - model PGM UR «Commando I» and model PGM UR «Commando II» with shorter length of barrels of 550 and 470 mm, respectively. The trunks of these rifles were equipped with muzzle brake power, which was due to the shorter length of the barrel. And options rifles PGM UR «Commando» had metal shoulder rest, folding to the left side of the receiver. In the stowed position with folded butt rifle «Commando II» is placed in a standard backpack paratrooper.

    sniper rifle pgm ultima ratio

    PGM UR Commando II


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