Sniper rifle RAP / RAI Model 300


    In 1981, representatives of the U.S. Army turned to a small company Research Armaments Prototypes - RAP (Jacksonville, Arkansas) to develop a special sniper rifles. One ordered a rifle model 300, designed for firing at enemy troops at long range.

    sniper rifle rap / rai model 300
    RAP / RAI Model 300

    new rifle was developed in 1981-1982, under the direction of D. Haskins, and in 1983 was released 125 model 300 rifles.

    team has at various times worked under different "labels": their original company was called RAP (Research Armament Prototypes). Then the name was changed to the RAI (Research Armament Industries), and it is under this designation rifle is best known. Later, the team with the equipment and the drawings were bought by Daisy, and then by Iver Johnson.

    Caliber, mm 7.62 NATO ( .308 Win)
    8.58x71 (.338 - .416)
    Barrel length, mm 610
    Weight unloaded, kg 5.7
    Count. cartridges
    5 (Insert 7.62)
    4 (Insert 8.58)
    Effective range
    Fire, m
    800 (Insert 7.62)
    1200 (Insert 8.58)
    Although the overall issue

    RAI Model 300 rifle has been very insignificant it worth mentioning because of several features:
    - RAI Model 300 was one of the first examples of sniper weapons, originally created as a martial sniper weapons, and not converted from existing military or civilian samples;
    - Rifle was one of the first examples of sniper weapons, which provided for the possibility of using nominally ammunition of different calibers;
    - RAI Model 300 has become a test bed on which "run" experimental patron.338-.416 (patron.338-.416 (8.58x71mm) is based on cases from the hunting patrona.416 Rigby by shortening the sleeves and pereobzhatiya case mouth a bullet smaller diameter. Due to the increase of the working pressure in the new bullet casings were made not by reworking source sleeves patronov.416 Rigby, and from scratch, and had thicker walls, especially at the bottom. liners manufactured the US-based Brass Extrusion Labs, bullet - known firm Hornady. engaged to finalizing the Finnish company Lapua Nammo OY, and the result was obtained by the very successful "long range" sniper boepripas.338 Lapua, metric designation - 8.6h70 mm).

    sniper rifle rap / rai model 300
    RAP / RAI Model 300
    Main components

    Rifle RAP / RAI Model 300 is a repeating rifle with a manually operated. Locking barrel - longitudinally sliding bolt with three locking lugs great length stops engage the receiver, made of steel.

    rifle is intended for the use of two different types of cartridges with very different sizes, because has interchangeable barrels with longitudinal dales to facilitate and better cooling and removable fighting lichniki shutter.

    Trigger adjustable for pull and move the trigger.

    Open rifle sights are not allowed, but it is equipped with a quick-bar for mounting scopes with built-in introduction of amendments to the firing range. After installing and removing the rack perepristrelka sight is not required.

    sniper rifle rap / rai model 300
    cartridges used
    RAP / RAI Model 300

    rifle is built on a modular design, fully adjustable butt frame with a pistol grip can be removed to carry and store.

    rifle is not ordinarily forearm, instead there is a special extension, which is attached to the folding bipod. Inside is a special extension adjusting pin-balancer. The rifle is not designed for shooting with it, but only with the emphasis on native fry.

    Weapon Accuracy ammunition "match" class - about 0.5 MOA, effective range of 7.62 mm NATO cartridge - up to 800 meters, patronom.338-.416 - up to 1200 meters.

    sniper rifle RAP / RAI Model 300 was used by the Americans in Lebanon, Panama, Haiti, Iraq.


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