Sniper rifle Rebel .50 BMG

    sniper rifle rebel .50 bmg
    Rebel.50 BMG
    With a barrel length of 914 mm.
    sniper rifle rebel .50 bmg
    Rebel.50 BMG

    large-caliber sniper rifle «Rebel.50 BMG» designed to combat enemy snipers, hitting it lightly armored vehicles, radar, artillery and rocket launchers, aircraft parked, manpower, as well as target shooting.

    Rebel.50 BMG is not monovalent automatic rifle.

    Shutter - longitudinal sliding. The bore when fired locked by turning the bolt with the production of its six lugs.

    Barrel Rebel.50 BMG - heavy length of 457 or 914 mm.

    The barrel rifle has a muzzle brake as eight slots deployed at an angle of 30 degrees to the axis of the barrel.

    sniper rifle rebel .50 bmg
    Rebel.50 BMG
    With a barrel length of 457 mm.

    trigger mechanism is adjustable rifle trigger weight and move the trigger.

    On the upper side

    trunk strap attached to an optical sight, which usually has a 10x magnification. Mechanical sight rifle does not have.

    Body and rifle butt made of aircraft aluminum 6061 - T6.

    In front of the chassis mounted rifles detachable bipod.

    Butt Rebel.50 BMG - adjustable length. In the stowed position buttstock fully retracted inside the frame rifle.

    Moreover, the stock has a thick rubber recoil pad.


    butt left or right cheek plate can be attached, adjustable height.

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    Caliber, mm 12,7 h99 (.50 BMG)
    Barrel length, mm 457 914
    Length firing position, mm 1080 1530
    Length, stowed, mm 970 1455
    Weight empty, kg 11.7 15.8
    Muzzle velocity, m / s 730 900
    Rate of fire / min 2-4
    Effective range, m 1500


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