Sniper rifle Remington model 700

    sniper rifle remington model 700
    Remington model 700 Police

    sniper rifle Remington model 700 is designed on the basis of the British and American P14 rifle model 1917 Enfield.

    Issue rifle Remington model 700 was launched in 1962 by the American firm «Remington».

    Model 700 at one time was one of the most widely used in the U.S. sniper rifles and hunting with the sliding bolt, Production started in dozens of calibers ot.177 Rem (4.5 mm) do.338 Rem Ultra magnum (8.6 mm) and larger, and thus has many modifications.

    sniper rifle remington model 700
    Remington model 700 SPS BDL
    In the catalog

    2008 sniper rifles Remington model 700 was specified more than 20 variants of these weapons.

    later versions were equipped with the Model 700 stainless steel barrel and lodges of the polymers, and rebuilt to ensure the accuracy of one arc minute of match ammunition using class.

    sniper rifle remington model 700
    Remington model 700 LTR

    Technically, the model 700 is a repeating rifle with a longitudinally-sliding bolt action.

    bolt group Remington 700 is a modification of the system Mauser. The gate box steel, cylindrical shape. Locking by two lugs, located in front of the gate, into slots in a steel box.

    sniper rifle remington model 700
    Remington model 700 VS

    thick-walled barrel has a length of 660 mm. (26 inches), and is posted across the length.

    On slide box made seats to install mounts for telescopic sights.

    supply cartridges, depending on the modifications carried out internal fixed or removable box magazine. Shop at Remington 700 has the classic "Mauzerovskogo" design and accommodates, depending on the caliber rounds 3-5.

    sniper rifle remington model 700
    Remington model 700 VTR

    blocking the trigger lever type to the right of the gate.

    trigger mechanism has three adjustment screws allow individually adjust the characteristics of the shutter.

    Reinforced fiberglass bed has an integrated aluminum bus, eliminating problems with fit and styling of the bolt group. Form lodges - simple and classic, "cheek" is missing.

    Design Model 700 has been and remains the base for a variety of specialized sniper rifles.

    sniper rifle remington model 700
    Remington model 700 Spring Sniper Rifle
    < td> 660
    Caliber, mm Ot.177 Rem
    Do.338 Rem Ultra magnum
    And more
    Length mm 1662
    Barrel length, mm
    Weight empty, kg 4.1
    Count. cartridges
    3 - 5
    Effective range
    Fire, m

    U.S. Marine Corps was among the first who chose the Model 700 as the basis for high-precision sniper weapon. M40 rifle, used in Vietnam until the late 1970s, were based on the design Model 700 BDL. Later versions of the rifle USMC M40A1 is also based on the same model. Later, when the U.S. Army decided to go with a self-loading semi-automatic sniper rifles to rifles with manually operated longitudinal sliding gate, Model 700 was again chosen as a basis for the M24 rifle.

    quite popular in the United States is to install so-called. Remington model 700 actions (trunk box with bolt, bolt group and trigger mechanism) to lodge other firms - HS Precision, McMillan, Choate and others.

    sniper rifle remington model 700
    Design Remington model 700


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