Sniper rifle Remington R11 RSASS

    sniper rifle remington r11 rsass

    R11 RSASS

    In 2011, the famous American company producing weapons and ammunition «Remington Arms» together with the manufacturer of upscale sports-game rifles «JP Enterprises Inc» under the program «SASS» (Semi-Automatic Sniper System - semi-automatic sniper system) for power structures developed a new sniper rifle kalibra.308 Win. In January 2012, a new rifle, designated «R11 RSASS» (Rifle 11 Remington Semi-Automatic Sniper System - rifle model 2011 semi-automatic sniper system Remington) was presented to the public.

    R11 RSASS sniper rifle is built on a platform of sports rifle JP LRP-07. Assembly, supply and maintenance of rifles took over the company Remington, while JP Enterprises made supplier of such components as the receiver, trigger mechanism and brackets for optics.

    sniper rifle remington r11 rsass

    R11 RSASS

    rifle uses the vapor-automatic type rifles Stoner AR-10, with direct vented into the body of the bolt and gas regulator, ensuring reliable operation with different types of ammunition, including during a muffler.

    Receiver is made of aluminum alloy. Compared with the base system has been modified - the shutter cocking lever was moved to the left side of the receiver, which makes it more comfortable, especially when shooting in the prone position.

    Caliber, mm 7,62 x51
    (.308 Win)
    - Without silencer
    - With silencer

    Barrel length, mm 457
    - Empty without sight
    - With ammunition and gun

    store count. cartridges 19, 20
    Effective range
    Fire, m
    800 - 1000

    Barrel made of stainless steel and fitted with an effective flame arrester additional employees for releasable fastening the muffler sound of a shot.

    Food arms ammunition made from detachable box magazine capacity of 19 or 20 cartridges compatible with rifles Knight SR25/DPMS 308. In addition, you can use compatible with R11 RSASS shops and other containers - 4 and 10 rounds (box-type) to 50 rounds (drum).

    Lodge rifle includes an aluminum tubular handguard with mounts for Picatinny type rails and adjustable buttstock Magpul PRS.

    iron sights rifle nominally is not completed. To install the scopes used in the quick-release bracket guide type Picatinny rail located on the top surface of the receiver and forearm.

    customer rifle is offered as a finished set ("sniper system"), consisting of rifles R11, optical sight Leupold Mark 4 M3 with variable multiplicity 4.5-14X, Harris bipod and silencer quick-shot sound firm AAC, packed in a hard case for transportation.

    Rifle R11 RSASS intended for arms army and law enforcement agencies. Its main purpose is sniping at a distance of up to 800-1000 meters (depending on the type of target). In this grouping is "less than 1 arc minute» (Sub-MOA) when using sniper cartridges.

    sniper rifle remington r11 rsass

    R11 RSASS
    With an installed muffler and bipod


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