Sniper rifle Robar .50 BMG / Robar RC-50 / Robar RC-50F

    sniper rifle robar .50 bmg / robar rc -50 / robar rc-50f
    Robar RC-50
    sniper rifle robar .50 bmg / robar rc-50 / robar rc-50f
    Robar SR60

    large-caliber sniper rifle Robar RC-50 under machine gun patron.50 BMG developed on the basis of a sniper rifle Robar SR60D for special forces weapons.

    Issue rifle RC-50 has been launched American campaign Robar Companies, Inc (Phoenix, Arizona).

    Rifle Robar RC-50 (Robar.50 BMG) is designed to combat enemy snipers, hitting it lightly armored vehicles, radar, artillery and rocket launchers, aircraft parked and manpower.

    sniper rifle robar .50 bmg / robar rc-50 / robar rc-50f
    Robar RC-50F
    With folded butt

    large-caliber sniper rifle Robar RC-50 is available in two versions:
    - RC-50 Standard - basic configuration;
    - RC-50F - with folding on the left side, turning in the neck area, the butt.

    Shutter longitudinal sliding, bore the shot is locked by turning the bolt with the setting it on lugs.

    Reloading Rifle - manual.

    trigger mechanism similar trigger mechanism Remington 700 rifle, with adjustable trigger weight from 226 grams to 4 pounds.

    heavy trunk, with longitudinal ribs and muzzle compensator.

    top, to the receiver, there is a bracket for the optical 16X or night sight.

    Caliber, mm 12.7? 99 (.50 BMG)
    Weight empty, kg 11.34
    Length mm 1118

    Length with folded buttstock, mm
    (For Robar RC-50F)

    Barrel length, mm 737
    Muzzle velocity bullets, m / s 800-987
    Sighting range, m 2000
    Capacity count. cartridges 5

    Food rifle ammunition is carried out of attached store capacity for 5 rounds.


    rifle butt has a rubber recoil pad, designed to mitigate the recoil momentum to shoulder shooter. Boxes and butt are made of fiberglass, custom, black, gray or camouflage colors.

    rifle bipod height not adjustable Stowed, formed under the box.

    sniper rifle Robar RC-50 was adopted by the U.S. special forces, Australia, UK, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand and used in armed conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    sniper rifle robar .50 bmg / robar rc-50 / robar rc-50f

    Robar RC-50


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