Sniper rifle Robar QR2

    sniper rifle robar qr2

    Robar QR2

    At the turn of XX-XXI century. in. American company «Robar Companies, Inc», which became known internationally creation sniper, sport and hunting rifles, has created a new sniper rifle.

    new rifle, designed primarily for weapons and military police units received designation QR2 (Quick Response 2).

    When creating

    Robar QR2 adopted the concept of creating a universal lightweight compact sniper weapons, so the rifle widely used positively proven technical solutions previously.

    sniper rifle Robar QR2 was presented in two versions:

      QR2 - basic configuration; QR2-F - with folding to the left side, turning in the area of the neck butt.

      This weapon to order may be made under a wide range of ammunition calibers - ot.223 do.416 (the most common - .308 Win, which is considered here).

    Caliber, mm 7.62x51
    (.308 Win)
    - In firing position
    - Stowed (only QR2-F)

    Barrel length, mm 508
    Weight empty, kg 3.8
    store count. cartridges 4 (10)
    Effective range, m 800
    sniper rifle robar qr2

    views on elements rifle Robar QR2

    bolt group and trigger mechanism with a sniper rifle model Robar QR2 borrowed from Remington 700 rifle. Prodolnoskolzyaschy gate, bore the shot is locked by turning the bolt with the setting it on lugs. Reloading Rifle - manual.

    sniper rifle robar qr2
    Robar QR2-F

    Heavy barrel is made of stainless steel. With six longitudinal dales designed for rapid cooling and weight reduction of weapons, as well as the annular bead on the muzzle. Standard barrel length of 20 inches.


    mechanical devices rifle does not have, and is equipped with optical or night sights. Out of the box went sight Leupold Vari-X III 3.5 X magnification up to 10X, which is mounted above the receiver through the bridge with the adjusting screw.

    Food arms ammunition is made from a box store.

    Lodge and rifle butt made of impact-resistant polymer. Under the order made in different colors (black, dark green, gray or camouflage colors).

    Butt equipped with rubber butt pad, designed to mitigate the recoil momentum to shoulder shooter. In an embodiment, QR2-F butt attached to the hinge axis of the bed and snap-on, but shooting with folded butt is not provided.


    lodge, in front of its parts, there is mounting for the adjustable bipod, stowed under the folding box.

    sniper rifle robar qr2

    Robar QR2-F
    Butt decomposed
    sniper rifle robar qr2
    view receiver and magazine catch
    "Conversion" model Robar QR2 In the base case

    Robar QR2 was also offered "conversion" model, in which instead of a permanent store used detachable box magazine from the rifle M14 or a special capacity for 10 rounds. Conversion model differs from the basic rifle receiver store and its latch.

    Overall sniper rifle model Robar QR2 is a reliable and accurate weapon. At a distance of 91 m (100 yards) hit deviations ranged from 0.9 cm (bullet weight 10.7 g) and 2.2 cm (bullet weight 10.9 g).

    Issue rifles QR2 and QR2-F at the time of the American campaign has been launched Robar Companies, Inc (Phoenix, Arizona).

    sniper rifle robar qr2

    «Conversion» model Robar QR2


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