Sniper rifle RPA Rangemaster 7.62 / 7.62 STBY / .338 / .50

    sniper rifle rpa rangemaster 7.62 / 7.62 stby / .338 / .50
    Rangemaster 7.62
    sniper rifle rpa rangemaster 7.62 / 7.62 stby / .338 / .50
    Rangemaster 7.62 STBY
    With an installed muffler

    In the early 1980s, was created by a small British company «RPA International Ltd», engaged in first release of components for high-end sporting rifles, which later started manufacturing of match rifles themselves and their own original designs.

    Rifles Company «RPA International Ltd» repeatedly and successfully used in world level competitions.

    In 2001 the company introduced the RPA International Ltd created on the basis of their first match-rifle sniper rifle "police" type chambered for 7.62x51 NATO, the designation RPA Rangemaster 7.62.

    In 2004, based on RPA Rangemaster 7.62, for use in urban environments and shooting at small distances, it was developed by modification - RPA Rangemaster 7.62 STBY (Standby), differs from its predecessor only a short barrel.

    Then was released and long-range modification - RPA Rangemaster.338, is somewhat enlarged version of the rifle RPA Rangemaster 7.62 and differs from it only by a large caliber. The new rifle was developed for use with kalibrom.338 Lapua Magnum.

    sniper rifle rpa rangemaster 7.62 / 7.62 stby / .338 / .50
    RPA Rangemaster 7.62 STBY
    sniper rifle rpa rangemaster 7.62 / 7.62 stby / .338 / .50
    RPA Rangemaster
    With folded butt

    In 2005 there was an enlarged version of these weapons - sniper rifle antimaterial RPA Rangemaster.50 under patron.50 Brauning (12.7h99 mm). RPA Rangemaster.50 rifle designed to deal with "material" goals, and ultra-long struggle protivosnayperskoy sniping.

    All sniper rifles in this series RPA Rangemaster built on the same scheme and differ only in size and weight.

    Rifles family RPA Rangemaster used manually reset with rotary bolt, having in front of the four radial lugs.

    trigger mechanism is adjustable, with a warning descent (two-step).

    details of the bolt and trigger are made of high-strength steel.

    trunk, with a view to rapid cooling is provided with longitudinal fins and equipped with a powerful muzzle compensator. If necessary, the muffler can be used.

    gate and rifle barrel made with a special anti-corrosion coating, allowing the use of these weapons in the harsh conditions without lubrication.

    Receiver original design - steel.

    sniper rifle rpa rangemaster 7.62 / 7.62 stby / .338 / .50

    Sights (day or night scopes) are mounted on the guide type Picatinny rail, located on the receiver. Availability of open sights provided.

    sniper rifle rpa rangemaster 7.62 / 7.62 stby / .338 / .50

    Food arms ammunition made from detachable box magazine capacity of 5 (Rangemaster.338 and Rangemaster.50) and 10 rounds (Rangemaster 7.62 and Rangemaster 7.62 STBY).

    Lodge rifle made of composite materials.

    rifles equipped with a pistol grip and folding the left side, the original design, with extra butt adjustable back support. Design rifles, if absolutely necessary, allows shooting with butt folded.

    RPA Rangemaster nominally completed folding bipod.

    All rifles transported in special containers or covers.

    Sniper rifles

    family RPA Rangemaster were adopted by a number of police forces and security services in several European countries. Also in this series rifles began to be delivered to other regions of the world.

    Using appropriate ammunition company RPA International claims for their rifles accuracy of less than one minute of arc (1 MOA) for all practical ranges of fire.

    7.62 STBY
    Caliber, mm 7.62x51 NATO
    (308 Winchester)
    (.338 Lapua Magnum)
    (.50 BMG)
    - Butt decomposed
    - The stock closed




    Barrel length, mm 660 406 711 812
    Weight sight and bipod, kg 7.35 6.6 8.6 16.95
    store count. cartridges 10 10 5 5

    sniper rifle rpa rangemaster 7.62 / 7.62 stby / .338 / .50
    RPA Rangemaster in containers for transporting
    Rangemaster 7.62
    Rangemaster 7.62 STBY


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