Sniper Rifle RT-20

    sniper rifle rt-20

    large-caliber sniper rifle RT-20 was created in the mid-1990s, during the Serbian-Croatian conflict.

    Issue RT-20 rifle has been launched by the Croatian company RH-Alan.

    sniper rifle rt-20
    When using a

    main purpose of RT-20 is the fight against enemy vehicles, including light armored.

    for firing "hand cannon" - that stands for the full name of "Rucni Top", used 20-mm shells (20h110 mm), created in the mid-twentieth century, anti-aircraft guns Hispano Suiza HS 404. Such munitions presented in versions with high-explosive, anti-armor and armor-piercing incendiary shells. The mass of the projectile - 130 grams, the initial rate - about 850 m / s.

    When shooting from RT-20 (20 kg) projectile caliber 20h110 creates impact, four times the recoil when firing the 12.7-mm rifle (10 kg). To compensate for the extremely strong returns designers had to apply RT-20, along with a massive muzzle brake and shock absorbing pads on the shoulder rest, reactive compensation system recoil similar kind used in recoilless anti-tank guns. Around the middle of the length of the trunk in the RT-20 do a number of holes through which part of the barrel of powder gases diverted into a pipe extending above the barrel, and gases are vented her back, creating a reaction force opposing forces recoil. This system allows the use of ammunition, much superior to the power of projectiles that are used in other samples antimaterial rifles caliber 20 mm, such as NTW-20 (South Africa) and APH-20 (Finland).

    sniper rifle rt-20
    With ammunition used

    RT-20 Bullpup arranged scheme. Pistol grip and trigger and shoulder rest made ahead of the receiver, under the barrel.

    Caliber, mm 20
    (20h110 Hispano)
    Weight empty, kg 19.2
    Length, 1330
    Barrel length, mm 920
    Muzzle velocity, m / s 850
    Maximum firing range 2000

    Locking barrel by turning the massive longitudinal slide gate by three lugs, the bolt handle is on the left.

    To provide a relatively high rate of such a scheme requires a second person - charging based weapons.

    open sight rifle has not. Shooting is conducted using optical or night sights, displaced to the left of the axis of the barrel due to passing over the barrel recoil tube.

    Archery RT-20 is carried out only with the stop, using folding bipod.

    rifle can be carried by one person in a special package behind.

    Disadvantages RT-20 is the existence of a jet exhaust, which creates a number of problems: it requires the absence of weapons behind obstacles such as walls, creates additional telltale factors requires the shooter and the surrounding soldiers heightened caution to avoid injury from flying back with great speed hot propellant gases.

    sniper rifle rt-20
    With ammunition used


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