Sniper Rifle Ruger M77 Mk II VLE

    sniper rifle ruger m77 mk ii vle

    Ruger M77 Mk II VLE

    In 1968, the company «Sturm, Ruger & Co» presented rifle Ruger M77, the construction of which in later years was brought to perfection. The result is a wide range of sporting and hunting patterns of different calibers that can satisfy any taste. These rifles have earned a good reputation for its reliability and accuracy, thus attracted interest from law enforcement agencies.

    sniper rifle ruger m77 mk ii vle
    Ruger M77 Mk II VT

    In 1989, Ruger released model - M77 Mk II, which had improved the trigger guard and three-position, the ejector was a fixed plate and a patented lever opening the bottom of the store was located in a safety shackle trigger. Rifle Ruger M77 Mk II was offered in a wide range of different calibers and destination.

    Especially for police weapons on the base model M77 Mk II VT (Varmint Target) was created tactical sniper rifle M77 Mk II VLE (Varmint Law Enforcement). Given the special purpose weapons, construction M77 Mk II VLE were made a number of changes - metal parts coated in black enamel, the stock is made of a laminate handguard extended and increased in size, as opposed to hunting models trunk painted only in dark gray color.

    sniper rifle ruger m77 mk ii vle

    Ruger M77 Mk II VLE
    Without optical sight

    sniper rifle Ruger M77 Mk II VLE used the sliding bolt type "Mauser" with two opposite each other in front of the lugs and fixed ejector.

    three position safety is at the rear of the bolt. Being in the rear position ("fuse"), he locks the bolt, which precludes a shot, in the middle position - the shutter opens, but the shot is still not possible, in a forward position ("fire") - can trigger the shutter and move freely. Rifle shooting is conducted only single shots.

    Caliber, mm 7.62x51
    (.308 Win)
    Length mm 1168
    Barrel length, mm 660
    Weight empty, kg 4.32
    Shop, count . cartridges 4

    Receiver is highly durable - it is made by milling of cast steel hrommolibdenovoy and subjected to heat treatment. In the receiver cantilevered barrel floating type.

    thick-walled barrel made by cold forging of stainless steel. In the barrel rifling right-written 6 increments of 254 mm. Free-floating barrel is laid in a wooden box.

    Lodge has a classic shape, which is used in the manufacture of laminated hardwood American ebony. Provided with butt pad; neck shaped butt of the pistol grip. In front of the forearm has a mount for attachment height adjustable folding bipod and a belt.

    no iron sights, with the receiver located on the landing place for the various scopes. Staff is riflescope Leupold 3,5-10x42.

    sniper rifle ruger m77 mk ii vle
    Ruger M77 Mk II VLE
    View of the bolt and mount optics

    Food arms ammunition is carried out on the built-in store capacity 4 rounds.

    standard model designed rifles chambered for 7.62x51 mm (.308 Winchester), while there is a modification under the cartridge 5.56x45 mm (.223 Remington). Furthermore, it was suggested custom modifications to virtually any suitable medium caliber cartridge.

    Sniper Rifle Ruger M77 Mk II VLE development is not extraordinary, but is easy maintenance and high reliability. When using quality ammunition 7.62 mm bullets spread when fired at a distance of 100 m is less than one inch. Despite the fact that the rifle was originally designed for law enforcement, it also came on the market and civil weapons, which was offered at quite reasonable price.

    sniper rifle ruger m77 mk ii vle

    Ruger M77 Mk II VLE


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