Sniper rifle Sako TRG 21 / TRG 22 / TRG 41 / TRG 42


    In 1992, the famous Finnish arms company Sako was launched production of a series of sniper rifles Sako TRG, intended for the armed police and army units.


    Sako TRG family consisted of two rifles, had the same structure and differ only in used cartridges and, accordingly, the size of the bolt and barrel length.

    sniper rifle sako trg 21 / trg 22 / trg 41 / trg 42
    Sako TRG 21

    first model - TRG sniper rifle under 21 patron.308 Win appeared in 1992. Shortly following model was introduced - TRG 41 under patrony.300 Win. Mag. i.338 Lapua Magnum, which had a longer barrel.

    in appearance to distinguish different caliber rifles quite difficult - almost the same weapon: a small difference in the thickness and length of the barrel, during the gate - that's the whole difference.

    sniper rifle sako trg 21 / trg 22 / trg 41 / trg 42
    Sako TRG 41

    The design of rifles TRG 21 and TRG 41 laid prodolnoskolzyaschy butterfly valve design Sako with three lugs at the front of the gate and a massive extractor.

    trigger mechanism designed as separate modules detachable and can be adjusted to the requirements of a particular hand.

    Food arms ammunition made from detachable box magazine.

    Lodge made of plastic, based on an aluminum frame, and have an adjustable butt pad and cheek pads.

    Rifles have no open (fixed) sights, but are equipped with attachments for optics.

    sniper rifle sako trg 21 / trg 22 / trg 41 / trg 42
    Sako TRG 22

    In late 1990s rifle models TRG TRG 21 and 41 were replaced in production models TRG TRG 22 and 42, respectively.

    New upgraded rifles retained design source models, but got improved bed configuration with folding bipod, and a number of small changes.

    Rifles TRG TRG 22 and 42 are formed in a modular scheme.

    sniper rifle sako trg 21 / trg 22 / trg 41 / trg 42

    Trunks are made by cold forging. All items of weapons, including guns, Sako firm produces its own. "Floating" barrel has four right-handed rifling pitch 305 mm. At the end of the barrel is threaded to attach the muzzle brake or tactical silencer. If none of these devices are installed on a special coupling shaft is screwed, which protects the threads from being damaged.

    Muzzle Brake weakens impact weapons. Tactical silencer reduces the sound of the shot and changes its components so that the position of the needle can not be identified by the sound and flash of a shot.

    To ensure maximum rigidity receiver is milled from a solid steel billet.

    valve has three lugs. Extractor provides reliable ejection of spent cartridges. Locking by turning inside the receiver stem gate 60 degrees. Dismantling the shutter can be done manually - without tools.

    Receiver is not fixed directly on the butt, and to the aluminum bus that avoids a number of problems associated with the exact "fit" box on a bed of conventional rifles.

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    TRG 21/22 TRG 41 / 42
    Caliber, mm 7.62x51
    (.308 Win)
    8.6h70 (.338 Lapua);
    7.62h67 (.300 Win mag)
    Length mm 1150 1200
    Barrel length, mm 660 690
    Weight unloaded
    And optics kg
    4.7 5.1
    Count. cartridges
    10 5, 7
    Effective range
    Fire, m
    800 1000

    trigger module made of an aluminum billet. Trigger warning has an adjustable trigger pull. The fuse is located in front of the trigger. Included fuse locks the bolt and trigger.

    Shop-row with a single row feeding the next cartridge. Capacity under patron.338 LM - 5 pcs., .300 Win. Mag. - 7 pcs., .308 Win. - 10 pcs.

    rifles can be installed open sights, but the main is an optical sight. To install the mounting bracket / rings optical sight on the receiver milled base "dovetail" width of 17 mm.

    lodge on rifles Sako TRG-TRG-22 and 42 is made only of plastic and consists of two parts mounted on the carrier rail aluminum.


    wide, easy-to-hold.

    pistol grip is equally comfortable for both right-handed and left-handed.

    At the bottom of the butt a notch for the second hand. Position butt plate can be adjusted using the inserts. Likewise, cheek adjustable position.

    supplied standard rifle bipod brand development. Bipod attached to the front top of the forearm. When unfolded bipod rifle like "hanging" beneath them, which ensures high stability weapons. Shooter can adjust the angle of the rifle left-right at the expense of mobility attachment (10 degrees in each direction), and by changing the height of the bipod legs. Leg length bipod regulated from 215 to 335 mm.

    sniper rifle sako trg 21 / trg 22 / trg 41 / trg 42
    Sako TRG-42

    Sniper Rifles Sako TRG series are highly accurate shooting and survival, and became popular in the special units of the NATO countries, and were adopted by the CIS countries (including Russia, Belarus and Ukraine).


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