Sniper rifle SAM-R / SDM-R

    sniper rifle sam-r / sdm -r
    To solve the problems

    battlefield observation, intelligence priorities established data output means targeting fire support, working in the interests of unit commanded by U.S. Marine Corps (US Marine Corps) in 2005 for service department adopted automatic 5.56 mm rifle shooting accuracy increased SAM-R (Squad Advanced Marksman Rifle).

    sniper rifle sam-r / sdm-r

    Rifle SAM-R is a modification of M16A4, which became one of the regular samples of small arms of U.S. Marines.

    SAM-R was developed in the laboratory of Marine MCWL (Quantico, Va.), who studied the fighting as a weapon "hand selected" Branch Marines. Gunsmiths MCWL decided to use the M16 family of rifles as the basis for creating SAM-R, to maintain the level of unification of firearms used in the Marine Corps.

    experimental model (prototype SAM-R) was created based on the M16A2 rifle, equipped with heavy barrel Match stainless steel forend with universal mounting, "Picatinny" and trigger of the assault rifle M16A1 (M16A1 trigger assembly), which provides two modes of fire - single (semi) automatic and fully automatic.

    Caliber, mm 5.56 NATO
    Weight empty, kg 4.5
    Length mm 1000
    Barrel length, mm 510
    Effective range, m 550
    Muzzle velocity, m / s 930
    Capacity, count. cartridges 20, 30

    prototype SAM-R was equipped with various optical sights: Hensoldt Blitz; Trijicon ACOG; Leupold CQ / T; Leupold TS-30A1 and TS-30A2. Ha it was also tested AN/PVS-17V night sight.


    serial SAM-R rifle used rifle M16A4 main components, in particular the standard receiver and barrel made of stainless steel type Krieger SS (rifle match stainless steel Krieger SS barrel) production of "Compass Lake." The trunk has a length of 510 mm (20 inches), slicing step 1:7 (one full turn of seven inches, or 178 mm). It mounted a standard flash suppressor from the M16A2 assault rifle (standard A2 flash hider); handguard (on rifles SAM-R used foregrip manufactured by CAS - model M4); mechanical sighting device and removable optical sights.

    At serial

    rifles scopes used the following types:
    - Daily riflescope TS-30 A2, high-mounted brackets ARMS;
    - For shooting in the dark AN/PVS-17B, as well as universal night sight (Universal Night Sight) AN/PVS-22 UNS, developed in 1996 by "Optikel Systems Technology", which can be installed without dismantling day optical sight before him on the rails, which avoids additional zeroing when changing weapons sight.

    sniper rifle sam-r / sdm-r
    When using the To equip

    "dedicated shooters' individual compounds marines that are based on the U.S. West Coast, on a limited standard SAM-R M16A4 rifles were modified by installing guide rail forend with M5 RAS production of UAN and quadruple scopes TA31F ACOG. These rifles were designated as «West Coast SAM-R» («SAM-R West Coast") and standard samples from SAM-R differ primarily in that they are not set new class of match barrels.

    Rifles SAM-R units are used quite successfully, U.S. Marine Corps during combat operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    sniper rifle sam-r / sdm-r

    SDM-R (US Army Squad Designated Marksman Rifle) - rifle modified in a series of M16, in order to give it greater accuracy at long distances, providing infantry squads greater firepower. Developed in the framework of the SDM.

    Rifle SDM-R is not for extra shooting at long distances, and for close infantry support for a range of conventional action shooters.

    SDM-R is essentially an analogue of SAM-R for the U.S. Army. Features SDM-R and SAM-R are identical.

    sniper rifle sam-r / sdm-r

    Features SDM-R are as follows:
    - The lower part of the receiver modifications A2/A4 production Colt or Fabrique Nationale, the constant butt standard, the version of A2;
    - USM USM replaced by a two-stage production Knight's Armament Company (2-stage match grade trigger);
    - Only a single fire mode;
    - Standard barrel is replaced by stainless steel barrel with a modified Douglas firm step rifling (1:8 instead of 1:7) with 12 recesses to reduce weight.

    sniper rifle sam-r / sdm-r
    When using the

    In SDM-R rifle sights used 4x32 ACOG (modification TA31F, TA01, TA01B, or TA01NSN). Also installed hinged mechanical sight 600m


    SDM-R is set handguard Daniel Defense M4 Rail 12.0, which is attached only to the receiver and thus provides a so-called. "Free-floating barrel".

    rifle used in the firm Harris bipod model SL bipod. Bipod mounted on the mount (bracket) from A. R. M. S. model # 17 throw rail mount.

    For the 82nd Airborne Division developed version of SDM-R based on the M4A1 carbine. Standard rifle barrel is replaced by an elongated trunk firm Douglas 1:8 pitch rifling. The trunk also has a groove. Foregrip Daniel Defense M4 Rail 9.0 handguard.

    Overall rifles and SAM-R SDM-R is an example of using a modular principle for establishing a specialized sample of small arms to tackle new tasks with the maximum use of existing components on the basis of the standard model with an assault rifle.


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