Sniper rifle Sardius M36 SWS / TCI M89 SR / TEI M89 SR

    sniper rifle sardius m36 sws / tci m89 sr / tei m89 sr
    Sardius M36 SWS

    Rifle TEI M89 SR is designed for use both in terms of action in the city, where in the first place is important compactness and agility of small arms at firing ranges, and for use "in the field".

    In the early 1980s, Dr. Nechama Sirkis on the company "Sardius" sniper rifle was developed Sardius M36 Sniper Weapon System.

    In tests

    rifle surpassed all available at the time in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) sniper rifles on all counts.

    Army ordered the company Sardius game 1300 rifles. But the order proved a burden for a small company, it failed to create a manufacturing base to fulfill the order, and loans that it took for this purpose led to its bankruptcy. As a result, the army received only 50 M36 rifles.

    After the bankruptcy of the company "Sardius" rights to manufacture M36 buys another Israeli company Technical Consulting International - TCI, which after minor improvements begins to small-scale production under a new name TCI Model 89 Sniper Rifle (TCI M89 SR).

    parallel by Technical Equipment International began to be issued export version TEI M89 SR. Under this name the weapon known in the world.

    sniper rifle sardius m36 sws / tci m89 sr / tei m89 sr
    TCI M89 SR

    No specific differences between these two options and TCI M89 SR TEI M89 SR is not observed.

    In late 1980s, the IDF finds further small-batch purchase M89 unprofitable. Then just concluded a strategic partnership agreement with the United States, which Israel receives impressive subsidies for the purchase of U.S. weapons at discounted prices. IDF accepts a standard known rifle Remington M24.

    sniper rifle sardius m36 sws / tci m89 sr / tei m89 sr
    TEI M89 SR
    sniper rifle sardius m36 sws / tci m89 sr / tei m89 sr
    TEI M89 AR

    Rifle M89 SR is based on the American M14 7.62mm rifle (or its commercial version Springfield M1A), and differs from it in the first place plastic lodge type bullpup and slightly modified node gas operated mechanism.

    There are two options

    rifle - basic version M89-SR has only optical or night sights, and a variant M89-AR has established adjustable open sights.

    Automatic rifle M89 SR almost entirely borrowed from the M14, and has a gas operated mechanism located under the barrel gas piston with a short course, and a rotating bolt with two lugs.

    Caliber, mm 7.62x51 NATO (.308 Win)
    Weight unloaded and sight, kg 4.5
    Length mm 850
    Barrel length, mm 560
    Capacity store count. cartridges 10, 20

    precision rifle equipped with a massive trunk with a special muzzle brake - a flame arrester, which can be installed on a specially designed muffler.

    used for firing all types of ammunition 7.62 mm NATO.

    Food arms ammunition carried M14 rifles from the shops.

    TEI M89 SR has established itself as an accurate, reliable and easy-sniper weapon, suitable for special and for army operations.


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