Sniper rifle Savage 10FP / 110FP

    sniper rifle savage 10fp / 110fp
    Savage 10FP XP-LEA

    Sniper Rifles Savage 10 FP and Savage 110FP developed by Savage Arms and are intended for use by law enforcement and military units.

    Rifles 10FP and 110FP models differ only in the types of ammunition used and the length of the receiver and bolt. A model Savage 110FP receiver and shutter longer, and it is designed for more powerful cartridges.

    sniper rifle savage 10fp / 110fp
    Savage 10FP LE Package

    Savage 10FP / 110FP are rifles with rotary bolt with manually operated.

    heavy trunk, floating, that is not concerned lodges throughout its length. The advantage of this design is to reduce the vibration.

    All rifles have slots for mounts for optics. No open sights.

    sniper rifle savage 10fp / 110fp
    Savage 10FP LE

    Food arms ammunition is carried out integrally store that equips one patron through a window in the top of the receiver.

    sniper rifle savage 10fp / 110fp
    Savage 110FP In the classical manufacturing

    bed rifles - plastic, traditional form unregulated. However, the lodge can be installed "Ultimate Sniper" firm Choate, which has a skeleton stock with pistol grip and extended in front of the gun. Stock length at this lodge is governed by special inserts under recoil pad and has an adjustable palm on the butt cheeks. Besides the rifle can be used with lodges:
    - McMillan fiberglass stocks;
    - HS Precision stocks;
    - Choate Folding Stock;
    - Sharp Shooter Supply.

    Sniper Rifles with the designation "LE" intended for use by the rule of law.

    Sniper rifles

    firm Savage 10FP and 110FP models become famous thanks to the organic price / quality ratio and are very inexpensive, but good sniper weapon, providing the application proper ammunition accuracy of about 1 minute of arc (1 MOA).

    sniper rifle savage 10fp / 110fp
    Savage 110FP LE

    < tr> < td> Barrel length, mm < td> 3.8 - 5.1
    10FP 110FP
    Caliber, mm 7.62 NATO (.308 Win),
    .223 Rem
    25-06 Rem,
    300 Win Mag
    Length mm 1016 - 1168 1137
    508, 600, 660 610
    Weight empty, kg 3.9
    Capacity count. cartridges 4 3 (25-06 Rem)
    4 (300 Win Mag)
    Effective range, m 900


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