Sniper rifle Schmidt-Rubin K31/55 / ZfK-55

    sniper rifle schmidt-rubin k31 / 55 / zfk-55

    Schmidt-Rubin K31/55 / ZfK-55
    sniper rifle schmidt-rubin k31/55 / zfk-55
    Schmidt-Rubin K31

    In 1933 adopted the Swiss Army adopted a new short magazine rifle, designated K31 (Karabiner 31 - carbine sample 1931). Carbine Schmidt-Rubin K31 based on a modified design of direct action shutter system Rudolf Schmidt, but the bolt and receiver were shortened considerably due to the transfer from the middle lugs shutter in the front part.

    sniper rifle schmidt-rubin k31/55 / zfk-55

    Schmidt-Rubin K31/55 / ZfK-55
    sniper rifle schmidt-rubin k31/55 / zfk-55
    Reticle «Kern»

    In 1955, on the basis of the rifle Schmidt-Rubin K31 sniper rifle was created K31/55, also became known under the designation ZfK-55 (ZielfernrohrKarbiner model 1955).


    significant external and structural similarity to K31, sniper rifle ZfK-55 had a lot of differences in detail. In particular ZfK-55 received a short bed equipped with a bipod and pistol grip, a special weighted barrel with a massive muzzle brake - flash hider modified receiver box with integral mount for optical sight «Kern».

    sniper rifle schmidt-rubin k31/55 / zfk-55
    ZfK-55 From linear

    sniper rifle to model Schmidt-Rubin K31/55 moved longitudinally sliding bolt design direct motion: turning combat larva spins in interaction with the projection of the screw groove longitudinally sliding stem handle. When unlocking and locking arm hand makes only rectilinear motion. The rear end of the impactor with the ring brought out behind the gate: the rotation of the ring ensures saving the gun to avoid accidentally shot while moving with the charged rifle.

    barrel of the weapon had 4 internal right-slicing and equipped with a muzzle brake, flash hider with the tide for mounting a bayonet-knife.

    Receiver closed. The upper part has a small window to eject spent cartridges and supplies weapons. On the left side are mounting an optical sight.

    sniper rifle schmidt-rubin k31/55 / zfk-55
    View rifle sights ZfK-55

    sniper rifle ZfK-55 was equipped with a special optical sight Kern multiplicity 3.5x provides effective fire up to 800 meters, and here were the outdoor sector sight. The iron sights are marked from 100 to 1500 meters in 100 meters.

    Food arms ammunition was carried out from the constant box magazine capacity of 6 rounds.

    wooden bed had the pistol grip and sling attachment. Bottom of the middle part of the bed were mounted folding bipod forward.

    sniper rifle schmidt-rubin k31/55 / zfk-55

    rifle Schmidt-Rubin K31/55 / ZfK-55,
    Optical sight and a box to transport it,
    Set of tools and additional parts
    Shop < td> Effective range, m
    Caliber, mm 7.5h55. 5
    Length mm 1210
    Barrel length, mm 655
    Weight unloaded / ammo and wholesale sight, kg 5.5 / 6.7
    count. cartridges 6
    Muzzle velocity, m / s 780

    nominally completed rifle bayonet, carrying strap, protective leather cap that covered the barrel with possession and carrying of weapons, and pouches for clips.

    sniper rifle Schmidt-Rubin K31/55 / ZfK-55 was armed police and army in Switzerland until the end of the 1980s, as well as exported to Israel and Nicaragua.

    In general, as well as almost any weapon that was released in Switzerland, sniper rifle ZfK-55 had a high quality, reliability and accuracy of fire, not yielding many combat rifles indicators of other countries.

    sniper rifle schmidt-rubin k31/55 / zfk-55



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