Sniper rifle SIG-Sauer SSG 2000

    sniper rifle sig-sauer ssg 2000
    SSG 2000

    In late 1980s, the Swiss company SIG Arms (later SAN Swiss Arms) together with the German company J. P. Sauer und Sohn based sporting rifle Sauer 80/90 was designed shoplifting SSG sniper rifle in 2000 for use in the army and police.

    Issue rifles SSG 2000 was launched in 1989.

    sniper rifle sig-sauer ssg 2000
    SSG 2000

    bore is locked by turning the combat larvae shutter incoming lugs in the receiver collar. The skeleton also has a shutter in the rear of the lugs which fit into grooves forearm. This solution contributes to the high stability when firing weapons and absorb the recoil momentum. The shutter opens when rotated 65 degrees. At the back of the bolt has cocking indicator, which can be checked visually or by touch, which enhances the safety of the weapon.

    Virtually silent

    fuse box mounted on the right side of the receiver.

    Caliber, mm 7.62x51 NATO
    .300 Winchester Magnum
    7.5x55mm Swiss
    Length mm 1210
    Barrel length, mm 610
    Weight empty, kg 6.6
    Capacity count. cartridges 4
    Effective range, m 1000

    Descent rifle - a two-stage, with a warning. The design of the trigger mechanism allows adjustment of the position and length of trigger travel and trigger pull from 0.7 to 2.0 kg.

    trunk is made of hardened steel by cold forging. It is supplied with a removable muzzle brake, which also serves as a flame arrester. Instead, it is possible to install the muffler.

    The standard SSG 2000 rifle has no open sights, and comes with a telescopic sight Schmidt & Bender X1.5-6x42 variable multiplicity or Zeiss Diatal ZA 8x56T fixed multiplicity.

    rifle equipped with presence indicator cartridge in the chamber.

    sniper rifle sig-sauer ssg 2000
    SSG 2000
    Container for transporting

    Whole Boxes made of wood or fiberglass, has a pistol protrusion neck adjustable head butt and "cheek". Front end forearm when shooting bipod placed on the tripod. In the stowed position, they are transferred separately.

    According to the manufacturer, provides high accuracy rifle shot. When firing the SSG 2000 7,62 x51 deviation results at a range of 500 m does not exceed 145 mm.

    sniper rifle SIG-Sauer SSG 2000 was adopted by the police forces of Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the Kingdom of Jordan, Taiwan, and a number of countries.

    sniper rifle sig-sauer ssg 2000
    SSG 2000


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