Sniper rifle SIG-Sauer SSG 3000

    sniper rifle sig-sauer ssg 3000
    SIG SSG 3000

    sniper rifle SIG SSG 3000 (Scharf Schutzen Gewehr 3000 - Sniper Rifle 3000) intended for military weapons and police units.

    sniper rifle sig-sauer ssg 3000
    Sauer 200 STR

    sniper rifle SIG SSG 3000 jointly developed by Swiss company SIG Arms and German JP Sauer und Sohn based sporting rifle Sauer 200 STR, so it is often preceded by the name of weapons designation SIG-Sauer.

    new rifle has a modular design: the barrel attached to the receiver on the thread, and the trigger mechanism and the base of the store are a single assembly fixed to the receiver. The modular design of SIG SSG 3000 can be easily disassembled for maintenance, or reconfiguration of wearing with adapters.

    sniper rifle sig-sauer ssg 3000
    SIG SSG 3000

    SIG SSG 3000 is based on the classical scheme with a longitudinally-sliding, rotating bolt. Locking by lugs shutter for breech.

    trigger mechanism is a two-step, the first step - it's free stroke of the trigger, the second stage - the actual course of the trigger. The length of the trigger stroke is 13 mm. USM can be produced in two versions - with or without notice. In both cases, they allow you to adjust the trigger pull the trigger and move.

    Push fuse is located on the right side of arms above the opening of the trigger guard.

    sniper rifle sig-sauer ssg 3000
    SIG SSG 3000
    With anti-reflective cloth

    rifle barrel made by cold forging. The bore has four right-slicing. On the barrel is removable compensator slot-arrestor.

    Caliber, mm 7.62 x 51
    (.308 Win)
    Length mm 1180
    Barrel length, mm 600
    Weight empty, kg 5.44
    Muzzle velocity m / s 800-830
    Capacity count. cartridges 5
    Effective range, m 900

    The standard rifle has no open sights and staff considered riflescope variable multiplicity Hendsoldt 1.5-6x42 mm. If necessary, the rifle can be fitted for mounting optics, corresponding to NATO standards.

    Submission rounds when firing is made from the store capacity for 5 rounds.

    Lodge is made of laminated wood, in addition to the U.S., options rifle with polymer lodge of MacMillan. The lodge has vent windows to prevent temperature curvature barrel.

    guide below forearm is used for fitting a bipod or small belt.

    Butt equipped occiput and height-adjustable cheek.

    butt length, tilt and height of the pillow under his cheek, as well as leg length bipod regulated. For shooters, working with his left hand, the company has offered a special version of the rifle, which differs from the prototype lodge, gate and receiver box.

    sniper rifle SIG SSG 3000 at the time was one of the most popular weapons of law enforcement agencies in Europe and the United States.

    sniper rifle sig-sauer ssg 3000
    SIG SSG 3000
    In coffer for transportivrovki


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