Sniper rifle SIG SG 550

    sniper rifle sig sg 550
    SIG SG 550
    Bipod folded

    sniper rifle SIG SG 550 is intended for use by the special purpose of the army and police.

    sniper rifle sig sg 550
    SIG SG 550

    In the early 1990s, commissioned by the Swiss Armed Forces Command for special units based on standard assault rifle StG 90 designers from SIG created 5.56 mm semi-automatic sniper rifle SIG SG 550.

    Major changes in this sample compared with its prototype had been made in the design of the firing mechanism, allowing only a single lamp maintenance.

    Trigger got adjustable descent within 0.8 - 1.5 kg.

    rifle was equipped with a lengthened up to 650 mm and weighted barrel, and therefore the mass of weapons increased to 7.50 kg.

    sniper rifle sig sg 550
    butt and handle
    SIG SG 550 The principal changes were

    design plastic butt having adjustable in length and height and head podschechny emphasis. On the sniper rifle maintained the possibility of rotating the butt right along the receiver to reduce the size of weapons in the stowed position.

    pistol grip fire control with an adjustable palm of the hand.


    handguard set height adjustable bipod.

    peculiarity sniper rifle SIG SG 550 is a protective fabric screen (antimirazhnaya tape) mounted on top of the plastic forearm. Not to interfere with the arrow to aim, he assigns to the side when shooting haze rising from the trunk of the heated air.

    sniper rifle sig sg 550
    SIG SG 550
    Caliber, mm 5.56 NATO ( .223 Rem)
    Weight empty, kg 7.02
    Length (stock extended) mm 1130
    Length (stock closed) mm 905
    Barrel length, mm 650
    Sighting range, m 800
    Capacity count. cartridges 5, 20, 30

    Due to the fact that the design of the receiver allows you to install any optical sight or night sight on the rifle dismantled iron sights.

    At one time

    SIG SG 550 has become one of the most popular special forces sniper rifles. The possibility of a semi-automatic firing, long heavy barrel, adjustable buttstock and bipod, high-performance cartridge 5.56 mm, which gives a very small impact, practically knocks sight - all brought weapons authority among SWAT snipers.

    sniper rifle sig sg 550
    SIG SG 550


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