Sniper rifle SIG SHR 970 / STR 970

    sniper rifle sig shr 970 / str 970
    SIG SHR 970
    Sniper rifles

    SHR 970 and STR 970 were developed by the Swiss company SIG Arms, where their production has been established.

    The main difference between the two models - outside, in different boxes, as well as tactical niche: SHR model is marketed as "light tactical (sniper) rifle" and has a lightweight hunting lodge type and model STR - as "a long-range sniper rifle ( Long Range Tactical Rifle) ", with a" tactical "lodge firm McMillan.

    Caliber, mm 7.62 NATO ( .308 Win)
    .300 Win magnum
    Length mm 1143
    Barrel length, mm 609
    Weight unloaded and sight, kg 5.44
    Capacity ,
    Count. cartridges
    4 (.308 win)
    3 (.300 win mag)
    Effective range
    Fire, m
    800 (.308 win)
    One thousand two hundred (.300 win mag)
    In both cases

    lodges polymer.

    model SIG 970 rifles are based on Swiss hunting rifles, and have the sliding bolt, lockable lugs directly behind the breech.

    Rifles have 3-way fuse ("Fire", "Fuse. locked gate," "Fuse. movable shutter") and setting indicator striker cocked.

    interchangeable trunks, two gages, with thickened walls and longitudinal grooves on the outer surface of the barrel to facilitate and improve the cooling of the barrel. Trunks are integral muzzle brake-compensator.

    The bolt has

    box seats for mounting optics, open sights are not provided.

    Food rifles made from detachable box magazine capacity of 3 rounds kalibra.300 win mag and 4 rounds kalibra.308 win.


    use sniper (match grade) rounds shooting accuracy is 1 arc minute or better (groups of 75 mm diameter at a distance of 300 meters).

    Effective range - up to 800 meters with patronom.308 Win up to 1100-1200 meters - with patronom.300 Win magnum.

    sniper rifle sig shr 970 / str 970
    SIG STR 970


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