Sniper Rifle Springfield Armory SAR-8 HBSR

    sniper rifle springfield armory sar-8 hbsr

    SAR-8 HBSR

    In the early 1990s, an American company Springfield Armory offered the market a semi-automatic carbine weapons civil SAR-3, based at the German HK G3 assault rifle and essentially a clone of the German (civil) HK 91 semi-automatic rifle.

    sniper rifle springfield armory sar-8 hbsr
    SAR-3 Soon

    SAR-3 was modified in 1995 and Springfield Armory announced a sniper rifle with a heavy barrel SAR-8 HBSR (Heavy Barrel Counter Sniper Rifle).

    In 1996

    rifle Springfield Armory SAR-8 was unveiled at the Shot Show under the slogan «Poor Man's PSG-1» («PSG-1 for the poor» (PSG-1 - German sniper rifle designed by Heckler und Koch based Assault Rifle HK G3)).

    This SAR-8 was offered HBSR by Springfield Armory as sniper weapons for use by the military and police forces in urban environments.

    sniper rifle springfield armory sar-8 hbsr

    SAR-8 HBSR
    No scopes

    sniper rifle Springfield SAR-8 in design is a copy of the semi-automatic assault rifle HK G3 (most of the parts are interchangeable.) At the same time on the new rifle, mostly unused new elongated trunk and changed shape forend and stock.

    Caliber, mm 7.62x51 NATO
    (.308 Win)
    Length mm 1174
    Barrel length, mm 584
    Weight 6.6
    Count. cartridges
    10, 20
    Bullets, m / s
    Fire, m

    Automatic rifle SAR-8 HBSR works by delayed blowback. The bore when fired rotating bolt locked.

    trigger mechanism allows keeping only a single lamp.


    rifle SAR-8 used heavy barrel to float freely. On the trunk of the possibility of installing a flame arrester and muffler.

    Open sights provided. However, on top of the receiver is a guide type Picatinny rail for mounting different optical and night sights. With a rifle you can use all standard optical and night sights NATO.

    Food arms ammunition made from detachable magazine capacity of 10 rounds and 20.

    Butt skeletal form, is made of fiberglass and is combined with a pistol grip. Also equipped with a butt butt pad and a height-adjustable cheek.

    If necessary, on the shank can be installed bipod.


    sniper rifle SAR-8 HBSR weapons for the civilian market was proposed modification of its SAR-8 Sporter, strongly reminiscent of the German sniper rifle HK SR9.

    sniper rifle springfield armory sar-8 hbsr

    SAR-8 Sporter


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