Sniper Rifle Springfield M1903A4


    In 1900, the state arsenal in Springfield (USA, Illinois) began to develop a new rifle and cartridge to it, the basis of which were taken Mauser design.
    The new rifle in the whole system of repeating Mauser model 1898, differing in some details.

    snayperskaya rifle springfield m1903a4
    Springfield M1903

    In 1903 a new rifle and cartridge to it were adopted by the U.S. Army under the designation "US Rifle, .30 caliber, M1903" and "cartridge, ball, .30 caliber, M1903".

    In 1929 was adopted M1903A1 variant differs from the M1903 only new lodge with semi-pistol grip instead of a straight neck butt.

    In 1942, Remington was developed version of the rifle M1903A3, distinguished by the extensive use of stamped parts and altered sight.

    During World War II in 1943 on the basis of firm Remington rifle M1903A3 creates the first American specialized sniper rifle, designated M1903A4.

    sniper rifle springfield m1903a4
    Springfield M1903A4

    M1903A4 sniper rifle was specially selected trunk higher quality workmanship and multiplicity 2.5x optical sight, and the open sights and bayonet mounts out.

    Caliber, mm 7.62h63 ( .30-06)
    Weight empty, kg 4.34
    Length mm 1098
    Barrel length, mm 610
    Effective range , m 550
    Effective range, m 690
    Capacity count. cartridges 5

    rifle is a rifle with shopping and manually operated, rotating bolt barrel locking. Shutter is based on patents Mauser has two lugs at the front and one extra - at the rear, as well as massive non-rotating extractor, spectacular rim feeding cartridge from the magazine. However, there were differences from Mauser - back stop at a locked gate located not vertically, but horizontally, resting on the rear edge of the cutout on the right side of the receiver, and the extractor was slightly shortened. At the rear of the receiver bridge, which had a guide for clips, had to make a large opening for the passage of the back stop.

    Fuse type Mauzerovskogo made at the rear of the bolt under it - the acting head of the hammer.

    sniper rifle springfield m1903a4

    On the left side of the receiver made cutoff store, worked as a travel stop bolt. When activated, it limited the waste gate back so that it sufficed to remove the spent cartridges, but it was not enough to engage the cartridge in store for its submission to the trunk. Thus, the rifle can be temporarily converted to a single shot.

    Open sights not. Snipers used M1903A4 rifle with telescopic sight "Uiver-ZZOS/M73V1" with an increase of 2.5, as well as optical sights "Lyman».


    middle neotemny also Mauzerovskogo type, with accommodation 5 rounds in a staggered and equipment as one patron, and from the plate holder for 5 rounds through the ejection cartridges out of the cage. Unloading the store carried the shutter when the fuse.

    stock of wood, Not cutting, with a long upper handguard. Boxes line with semi-pistol grip.

    Springfield M1903A4 sniper rifle used by the U.S. Army until 1960, including during the war in Korea and Vietnam.

    sniper rifle springfield m1903a4


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