Sniper rifle SSG-82

    sniper rifle ssg-82

    After standardization of small arms and ammunition caliber 5.45h39 mm Warsaw Pact countries GDR Ministry of State Security (Ministerium fur Staatssicherheit) Stasi weapons for anti-terrorist groups commissioned to create a new sniper rifle under 5.45h39 mm caliber.

    Caliber, mm 5.45h39
    Length mm 1110
    Barrel length, mm 595
    Weight 4.20
    Capacity count. cartridges 5

    As a result, in the early 1980s at the National company Ernst Thalmann was created SSG-82 rifle (Scharf Schutzen Gewehr 82, also meets the designation Sharpshooter's Rifle, 82).

    rifle is based on sports target rifle model 150, and was designed for a rather unusual for a sniper weapon 5.45h39 mm cartridge of Soviet design.

    SSG-82 has a rotary bolt with 4 lugs, lockable for receiver, and very gently when locking functions.

    sniper rifle ssg-82
    (Slide group,
    Riflescope ZF4 of Karl Zeiss Jena,
    Above the trigger - fuse)

    Descent very easy.

    Barrel SSG-82 is cold rotary forging.

    installed on the rifle riflescope models ZF4 (4X) from the company Karl Zeiss Jena.

    Food weapons made from detachable box magazine capacity of 5 rounds.

    Lodge made of thick beech. Adjustable in length with rubber pads under the butt plate.

    Accurancy rifle even with the best cartridges made in GDR was about 40 mm at 100 meters, with standard army ammunition it worsened to 80 mm at 100 meters.

    sniper rifle SSG-82 was produced in small quantities in the 1980s at the National company Ernst Thalmann, Suhl, for arming the police and airport security GDR (German Democratic Republic).

    Total number of issued rifles SSG-82 was about 2000 units.

    sniper rifle ssg-82


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