Sniper rifle Steyr HS .50 / Steyr HS .460

    sniper rifle steyr hs .50 / steyr hs .460

    Steyr HS.50

    sniper rifle steyr hs .50 / steyr hs .460
    Steyr HS.50
    With night sight
    Austrian Steyr HS.50 big bore is designed to combat enemy snipers, hitting it lightly armored vehicles, radar, artillery and rocket launchers, aircraft parked and manpower at the firing range - up to 1500 meters.

    Steyr HS.50 became the first rifle chambered 12.7 mm h99. in the history of the company Steyr-Mannlicher.

    sniper rifle steyr hs .50 / steyr hs .460
    Steyr HS.50

    large-caliber sniper rifle Steyr.50 HS was first presented at the arms exhibition ShotShow-2004 in February 2004 (Las Vegas, USA).

    Steyr HS.50 a single shot rifle.

    Recharging weapons made the sliding bolt. With the loading cartridge is embedded into the receiver at the open gate. The bore when fired rotating bolt locked.

    safety of a lever which is located above the pistol grip.

    located above the barrel strap type Picatinny rail (Mil. Std. 1913) for fixing a wide range of optical and night sights.

    sniper rifle steyr hs .50 / steyr hs .460
    Steyr HS.50
    In early

    bed rifles are adjustable folding bipod, which turn fold forward under the barrel.

    Steyr HS.50 Steyr HS .460
    Caliber, mm
    .50 BMG (12.7x99) .460 Steyr (11.6h90)
    Barrel length, mm 833

    buttplate has a rubber cushion to soften the impact. To mitigate the impact on the rifle barrel is a massive slotted brake - compensator.

    Besides the popular

    kalibra.50 Browning (12.7h99 mm) for big bore Steyr.50 HS was soon declared a new patron.460 Steyr (11.6h90 mm).

    Thus it appeared modification - Steyr HS.460 similar device with fully Steyr.50 HS and technical characteristics and different from Steyr.50 HS only used cartridge.

    sniper rifle steyr hs .50 / steyr hs .460

    Steyr HS.460


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