Sniper Rifle Steyr SSG 69

    sniper rifle steyr ssg 69
    SSG 69 PI
    Army version

    In 1969, the company Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG (later - Steyr-Mannlicher AG) on the basis of hunting rifle sniper rifle released SSG-69 (ScharfSutzenGewehr 69 - sniper rifle mod., 1969), having modifications chambered 7 62h51 i.243.

    In developing

    rifle it imposes rather stringent requirements 80% probability of hitting (excluding features arrow) into the chest piece at a range of up to 600 m in the growth figure - up to 800 m

    rifle barrel made by cold forging. Rod inserted inside the workpiece shape. As a result, the hammer blows are formed inner and outer surfaces simultaneously. This process, developed originally by "Steyr", has been widely used in the manufacture of barrels worldwide. It provides enhancement of the bore surface and an outer side. Furthermore, the bore rifle SSG 69 is attached slight narrowing.

    sniper rifle steyr ssg 69
    SSG 69 PII
    POLICE option

    reload is performed manually while the bolt is rotated 60 degrees. At the rear gate has six locking projections arranged symmetrically. The principle of locking the main body of the gate ensures its smaller move, unlike the system "Mauser", in which the front part of the locking is performed (combat larva) shutter. However, this method has always been considered undesirable, because the recoil momentum is transferred to the entire bolt, and not only on its combat larva. Survivability and reduced gate length increases locking unit. In addition, the housing itself is weakened due to the rifle cut on the right side in front of the reference arm of the receiver. This deficiency in SSG 69 rifle to some extent compensated for by amplification and extension of the receiver. In this chamber is placed inside the receiver, which makes the barrel with the receiver more reliable. Bolt handle is folded down.

    Trigger ds provides a warning ("double" pulling the trigger - the choice to freewheel stop and descent) and has external adjusters efforts and stroke length descent. Fuse located on the right side rear of the receiver, sliding type. He locks the bolt and firing pin.

    rifle has a standard magazine capacity of 5 rounds, which for many years used sports and combat rifles "Mannlicher". Can also be used box magazine capacity of 10 rounds.

    sniper rifle steyr ssg 69
    SSG 69
    Basic components and assemblies

    Whole bed is made of synthetic materials, has the shape of a pistol with a cervical lip and basting on the shank and pistol ledge. Finish black or green. Removable lining butt pad allows you to adjust its length.

    top receiver located longitudinal ridge on which are mounted sights. Regular sight is "Kahles» ZF 69 (Class 6x42) or ZFM. Sight ZF 69 has a grading up to 800 meters and an internal adjustment. The sight is mounted on the crest of the clamping rings. Soldered on the rifle has open sights with triangular slot. Also, can be installed and night podsvetnye bespodsvetnye sights. Option SSG SD has a cylindrical silencer, fully covering the front of the barrel and forearm, so little changing balancing weapons.

    In 1986-87 Rifle Steyr SSG could be M24, that is the standard weapon of the U.S. Army sniper. However, the victory went to Remington Model 700, due to the greater accuracy at a distance of over 600 meters. However, shorter-range shooting both rifles showed practically the same accuracy (less than one minute of arc).

    sniper rifle steyr ssg 69

    SSG 69 PIV

    SSG 69 has become one of the best sniper rifles, military-style and a great choice when it came to shooting at a distance of not more than 500 meters and at one time was the standard sniper rifle not only the Austrian army and police, but also more than a dozen countries.

    Issue sniper rifles Steyr SSG has been launched in four versions - SSG-PI, SSG-PII, SSG-PIIK and SSG-PIV.

    Caliber, mm 7.62x51 NATO (.308),
    .243 Win
    Length mm 1140
    Barrel length, mm 650
    Weight empty, kg 3,9
    4.6 (with optical sight)
    Count. cartridges
    5 (drum type)
    10 (box type)
    Muzzle velocity, m / s 860
    Sighting range , m 800

    SSG-PI was originally developed as protivosnayperskaya rifle with both a conventional iron sights (front and rear sights) and optical sight mounts, and has a barrel length of 650 mm.
    SSG-PII created for police, has a heavy barrel of the same length and has the usual sights.
    SSG-PIIK is less (508 mm) barrel length, which however did not affect the accuracy at ranges up to 500 meters.
    SSG-PIV in Europe known as the SSG SD. It has a much shorter barrel (406 mm.) Having thread for the flame arrester or muffler.


    combat rifles models was launched production target option SSG 69 "Steyr-Match" with weighted barrel chambered RWS and altered form of lodges performed plastic or walnut. Mounted sight system "Walter", a ring-type fly. At the request of the manufacturer, when shooting sports cartridges RWS average deviation is 10 shots at 300 m - 90 mm, 10 shots at 400 m - 130 mm, 10 shots at 600 m - 200 mm, 10 shots at 800 m - 400 mm. < / p>

    sniper rifle steyr ssg 69
    SSG 69 PIV with installed silencer
    POLICE option


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