Sniper rifle SV-98


    sniper rifle SV-98 is developed by the chief designer of JSC "Concern" Izhmash "by a team led by Vladimir Stronsky, based on sports 7.62mm rifle Record-CISM. Externally and constructively new model borrows from the upscale sporting rifle" Record -CISM 308 ".

    SV-98 is designed to engage emerging, moving, open, unmasked, unprotected and equipped with body armor of enemy personnel at ranges of up to 1000 m

    sniper rifle SV-98

    SV-98 is an opt in repeating rifle, constructed by the classical arrangement.

    trunk together with the chamber made by horizontal cold-forged from a single piece. SV-98 trunk holodnokovany the latest in technology to GFM machines from the Austrian company Steyr. The whole manufacturing process is controlled forging program from your computer. Even setting the receiver and removing the barrel blank is performed automatically by a robot. After forging and necessary exposure (trunk should "settle" for removing created forging intracrystalline stresses), bore honing, and then enters the heat treatment. The bore is not chromed, that, though, and reduces its life, but significantly increases the accuracy of fire - in the range of 60 to 70 mm when shooting groups of 10 shots at 300 yards. The trunk is connected to a rectangular box by four pins. The whole structure is attached to the lodgement two screws. The trunk, however, remains freely posted. Trunk floating type - a common solution for precision weapons. On the trunk there attaching a muzzle brake or silencer. Trigger pull is regulated.

    sniper rifle SV-98
    With an installed muffler

    Muzzle can be equipped with a silencer. If this is not necessary, the barrel is screwed on the protective sleeve. Unusual feature of this sort of sleeve on that, especially thanks to the thread, it creates a certain tension on the muzzle, which improves the accuracy of fire. Accuracy of the way, improving and using a silencer. Alternatively and the muffler and the sleeve can be mounted arrester. The muffler is designed to reduce the level of unmasking sniper, complete suppression of muzzle flash. It is also important that the muffler does not degrade the accuracy of fire and reduces recoil by about 30%, which makes the rifle shooting more comfortable.

    valve has three lugs. The trigger mechanism of sports type, adjustable trigger pull. Fuse CB-98 - a two-position, located in the receiver, it is closer to the tail portion, the right side of the handle rear gate. It blocks both the trigger and move the shutter. Type of fire - single. Reloading Manual.

    sniper rifle SV-98

    Food arms ammunition is from detachable box 10 local store on his left wall there are holes marked on which the sniper can determine the amount of the available ammunition. The shop has a guide mechanism, which facilitates its adjacency in a combat situation and "blindly". Progress shop - straight but not like SVD rotatable hook to the side of the latch. Shop rifle double row, molded from glass-filled nylon with metal inserts. Habitual prismatic or leaf spring replaced lever element consisting of 4 levers interconnected axes pairs in the middle. Shop in front of the mounted on a rack that is pressed into the receiver. A rack mounted with a spring latch that accession store adhere to the metal sleeve, zaarmirovannoy into the housing bore draw in the store and the store itself tightly to the receiver. Thus, a simple, stable and secure attachment to store the rifle.

    Caliber, mm 7.62x54R
    7.62 (.308 Win)
    Weight unloaded
    And optics kg
    - Without gbushitelya
    - With silencer

    Barrel length, mm 650
    Muzzle velocity
    Bullets, m / s
    Sighting range
    Fire, m
    Rds / min
    Count. cartridges
    The rifle is equipped with

    nominally open iron sights - in the front sight and adjustable namushnike entirely. Fly (adjustable vertically and horizontally) and open rear sight with distance scale from 100 to 600 m increments every 100 m Front sight base - an original design, but the front sight and rear sighting device completely borrowed from the IRS. However, unlike Dragunov rifles SV-98 has a different mounting system optical sight. In NE-98 sight is mounted directly on top of the box with the device, commonly known as "dovetail". Box bears the upper mounting plate for scopes. It may be a 7x PKS-07, and a more powerful Pancratic "Hyperion" Crafted Scheme 3-10H42. For night operations at the rifle put a whole range of night vision devices.

    handguard rifle SV-98 has two elongated vents. The pistol grip is made with a notch. Butt is fully adjustable to fit the individual and ergonomic data arrow. To do this, lift the cheek and provides mobile backplate. The rifle is equipped with an adjustable wooden lodge (adjustable butt plate position, the position of the stop under the cheek). In front of the lodge there is a mount for a folding bipod.

    sniper rifle SV-98 is designed for different types of ammunition, both domestic and foreign manufacturers.

    Normal grade rifle includes a low-noise device Accuracy (PMS), belt and carrying handle, belt and visor protivomirazhny reflector muffler set of accessories for cleaning and scope mount.


    embodiment rifle popular in the world and is the standard NATO strap "Piccatini", another called "Weaver rail" ("wr" - "Weaver's guide").

    Rifle provides high accuracy, good stability close grouping. At a distance of 300 m nastrelivaet groups of 10 shots each (cartridges not lower class "Extra") in a circle with a diameter of 55 mm. Regular patron sniper shooter easily puts all the shots in a circle with a diameter of 120-130 mm 300m Senior sniper capable with the first shot hit the growth target at a distance of up to 1200m.

    sniper rifle SV-98 passed all certification tests have been used in actual combat operations and was adopted by the special forces of Justice, Ministry of Internal Affairs, FSB - where high accuracy is required of fire.

    sniper rifle SV-98


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