Sniper rifle

    sniper rifle SIDS
    Tilted butt

    In 1991, plant designers "Izhmash" produced revision SVD sniper rifle, which resulted in a new variant of SIDS.

    Unlike SVD, SIDS has improved gas discharge unit, flash suppressor, a massive trunk.

    Caliber, mm 7.62x54R
    Weight unloaded and sight, kg 4.2
    Lenth, extended butt, mm 1135
    Length with folded buttstock, mm 875
    Barrel length mm 565
    Muzzle velocity, m / s 810
    Sighting range, m
    - With open sight
    - With optical sight
    - With night sight

    rds / min 30
    Capacity count. cartridges 10

    Despite all the positive qualities of the SVD did not satisfy the requirements of airborne troops on such an important technical parameter as the total length of the rifle. Sniper performing landing parachute loaded equipment, was unable to carry a long sniper rifle, because of the danger of being injured or even killed when landing. So after landing the sniper had to look for his gun, which landed separately. With the start of the war in Afghanistan, among the military went to talk about what needs to be done SVD even more compact, since native rifle bad fit in the limited space of BMP.

    With this situation in such a highly mobile troops could not be tolerated, and the Main Artillery Directorate (GAU) were initiated development work on the modernization of the Dragunov sniper rifle to reduce the linear dimensions of the weapon.

    The upgrading SVD conducted simultaneously by two design teams.

    snayperskaya rifle svds
    Partial disassembly

    first appeared two working version of SIDS - Dragunov sniper rifle, folding. One of them, with the barrel 620 mm, received index SIDS-A, ie, an "army". The other with the barrel shortened to 590 mm, called SIDS-D - "landing." It was decided to leave the only landing option called SIDS.

    who quit active development work, Dragunov was unable to bring the project to a folding version. This work was completed team headed by Azariah Ivanovich Nesterov - experienced designers who have worked at that time in the MIC for about 40 years.

    a result of the work it became clear that the required length of the rifle in the stowed position can be achieved by a reduction in the length of the barrel, use a folding butt and compact arrester. At this stage, there was a problem - how to maintain the accuracy of fire from rifles when the individual elements? It was necessary to solve some important problems. Among them: reducing the length of the barrel with increased stiffness by increasing the outer diameter, the development of the flame arrester at length, but with preservation of the effectiveness of the shot plamegasheniya and software parameters on the level of noise exposure on the arrow within the regular flame arrester, design folding butt.

    snayperskaya rifle svds
    The mechanism of the folding butt

    greatest difficulty of the above work is the development of a folding butt with stiffness comparable to regular butt stiffness. It is known that any flexible connection of two parts requires a gap therein and, accordingly, reduced joint stiffness. Occurs when a shot from the forces of recoil moves little parts and pieces of weapons leads to a change in the average point of impact and, ultimately, the loss of accuracy.

    After working several layout schemes was selected node fastening butt hinge with a vertical axis and a horizontal arrangement of the stock retainer. Butt formed on the right side of the receiver, which is more convenient to bring the butt into the firing position in comparison with the automatic AK74M. The butt is made of steel tubing with butt pad and cheek emphasis made of polyamide. Emphasis cheeks mounted on top tube butt and can be rotated with the possibility of fixing it in 2 positions: top - when shooting with optical sight and the bottom - when shooting using mechanical sight.

    sniper rifle SIDS
    The stock closed

    Butt SIDS is formed on the right hand side is the receiver. Thus, when the butt is folded, there is no need to branch the optical sight. The preferred placement becomes rifle in laying parachutist in landing. Emphasis cheeks can be fixed in two positions - shooting with iron sights and telescopic sights.

    For ease of handling with a sniper rifle on the march, in landing and transport in different types of combat vehicles (BMP, BTR, helicopters and other) rifle butt is made of thermoplastic with fixed folding cheek on the right side.

    To organize nodes fastening butt and pistol grip receiver SIDS compared with a rifle in the back of the SVD modified. Small changes were made to the body of the trigger and the trigger.

    snayperskaya rifle svds
    flame arrestor SIDS

    To simplify service rifle in combat conditions mode venting device has been optimized and was dropped from the construction of a gas engine controller.

    conducted research on search and mining construction arrester with small linear dimensions led to the choice options, not inferior staffing both in terms of the flame arrester plamegasheniya, and the level of magnitude of sound pressure on the organs of hearing arrow.

    rifle fitted with a mechanical (open), an optical sight (PSO-1M2) or night sights: NSPUM (SVDSN2) or NSPU-3 (SVDSN3).

    Dragunov sniper rifle with the prefix "C" on their weight and dimensions ahead of other army (including foreign) sniper analogues.


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