Strange Weapon Hitler Space Bomber


    In 1920-30 years in Germany were very popular ideas about rockets and space travel. All thought that the man would fly to the moon. On programs create space rockets worked great scholars of Germany. The main purpose of this study was space. The researchers did not expect that their pioneering work will be used as a weapon. But the Nazis saw other possibilities. They quickly realized that the missiles have a strong military capability and have unlimited possibilities aimed at world domination.

    strange weapon Hitler, space bomber

    In 1933 when the Nazis came to power, General Doreng Berg hoped that the use of scientists and the subjugation of the German army will allow powerful, unusual weapons. He gathered the best minds and headed the list Werner Von Braun. DorenBerger arranged it in a secret research facility, and Von Braun went to work. With unlimited funds, Von Braun built the rocket for a rocket. But it was not to travel to the moon, he developed the world's first intercontinental ballistic missile.

    He also had more ambitious ideas are fantastic. He also believed that it is possible to colonize space. He proposed project orbiting space station. He also planned to make a giant mirror in space to reflect sunlight onto the dark part of the earth. Initially, it was peaceful ideas. But now, he offered as a weapon for the Nazis. And his ideas are far ahead of their time, and his station was considered a miracle and mirror arms.

    But in 1943 the idea of world domination had to leave the war fractures. American and Russian bombers wave after wave devastated German cities. Many German leaders secretly began to fear that in this war they can not win. Among them Hermann Goering, the Reich Minister of Aviation.

    Went rapid production of American bombers and if it is not stopped, Germany clearly lose. And then Goering asked for ideas to scientists. In a brilliant researcher OdenaZengera was aircraft project, which will be able to fly in space. He invented something bomber antipode. He could fly to any country to another point on Earth.

    Space Bomber decades ahead of its time. To take off, the plane had to be dispersed on the rail road with two V-2 rockets. After 2 kilometers 700 meters, the plane would have clocked more than 1,500 kilometers per hour. After the dispersal of the second missile inside bomber changed its flight path, and made it into space on 145 kilometers. In orbit was planned that the aircraft will behave like a glider. The pilot had to keep the plane on the upper edge of the stratosphere. When moving this plane with speed 21700 kilometers an hour could fly all the land within 2 hours.
    He could lose its deadly cargo to any city in the world. And although the Germans did not have nuclear weapons, they planned to dump radioactive particles into the atmosphere. Bomb for this space bomber weighed about 2,270 pounds and was enveloped sheets of radioactive quartz. The device should be reset so that it exploded at an altitude of 600 meters above the city. Radioactive quartz would like snowflakes scattered over the city, it has caused radiation sickness and death.




    Dropping deadly cargo space bomber returned to Germany, is gradually going into the atmosphere. Landing, in fact, was planning to land without engines. So now flying shuttles. The difference between them and modern bomber Chatelet is that there is no shuttle engine, while the space bomber is. It was clearly the revolutionary weapon that could change the course of the war.

    Goering immediately dispatched Zenger on research base in northern Germany, he is there to develop space bomber. But Zenger hid importantly, he knew that the implementation will take years, but that did not stop funding did not say it to Goering. But the project was never destined to become a reality. Came the end of the war and the death of the Third Reich. Although there are a lot of rumors that the Nazis launched one project into space, and that he was unsuccessful.


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