Submarine 206A





    attack submarines

    General characteristics

    Length (m):


    Width (m):


    Displacement (tons):


    Speed (knots):


    Range (miles):

    4500 surfaced
    300 U

    Draft (m):





    torpedo tubes:

    8 533 mm



    submarine 206a

    In 1962

    . NATO countries decided admitting build submarines in Germany is not standard displacement of 350 tons, was installed as before, and 450 tonnes is possible to develop a new boat project 206, representing an improved version of a small submarine project 205. Construction Project 206 boats was conducted in the 1970s in shipyards HDW in Kiel and Emden TNSW.

    Between 1987 to 1992. all 12 Submarine "206A" were modernized. When this was replaced electronic equipment, as well as mechanisms of diesel electric equipment, improved crew habitability conditions, etc. Upgraded PL related to the project "206A".

    submarine 206a

    Submarines project "206A" are single-shaft single hull with full shtevnevoy bow, with a cylindrical insert with circular contours amidships and aft spindled. Case welded, made of steel of high strength non-magnetic. External hallmarks of boats of this project are mounted in the bow sonar radome and cruciform tail empennage. Strength of the body is increased, thus increasing the depth of the dive boats and better adapt it for combat use in the North Atlantic.

    Main propulsion diesel-electric, performed a Full electric propulsion with two-speed diesel engine generators, one vserezhimnym propeller shaft motor on the line, with two groups of lead-acid batteries. As part of diesel generators used advanced 12-cylinder V-type diesel engines MTU 12V 493AZ 80GA 31L capacity of 600 liters. with.

    submarine 206a

    To reduce noise

    submarine diesel generators are installed on two-stage shock absorbers Rubber-supplied by Mtiller BBN. According to experts of Germany, flexible installation DW compared with fixed attachment to the hull submarines will reduce pattern noise by about 20 dB at low frequencies and 60 dB allegedly high. High damping is provided by the absence of rigid links between DW and the propeller motor.

    propulsion motors are dvuhyakornye DC machine with high performance in a wide speed range (25-250 vol. / min). This allows us to use them for all modes of movement of submarines from the economic progress to full. The motor is mounted on shock absorbers and through the flexible coupling is connected to the propeller shaft.

    battery consists of two or four groups of lead-acid batteries, manufactured by Wilhelm Hagen and Varta. Cell boxes made of fiberglass. Cooling AB permits its use at elevated temperatures (45 ° C) temperatures inside the pressure hull.

    For AC supply various ship consumers accommodate converters. Machine current transducers have been applied on the submarine first types were subsequently replaced by static.

    submarine 206a

    remote control power plant is carried out from the control and does not require the presence of personnel in the engine compartment.

    Submarines project "206A" armed with eight 533 mm torpedo tubes with samovyhodom torpedoes. Torpedo tubes placed in the bow, their loading is done on the basis of the part of the front covers. This allows you to have ready to fire torpedoes and various types of refuse on submarines relatively small displacement of spare torpedoes, allowing more efficient use of the interior of the boat.

    Archery torpedo tubes can be conducted anti-submarine torpedoes and anti-American and German-made, including wire-guided.

    Submarine Project 206A equipped with various control samples torpedo weapon type M8 Dutch company Hollandse Signaalapparaten (Signaal), abbreviated - HSA.

    newest model is the model system M8 Sinbads M8/41. This system consists of a group of sensors to ensure receipt of the initial information, the equipment group and process this information and monitoring of the arms. It is made using the latest achievements of modern microelectronics. Computer system monitors the force of arms and performing tactical maneuvers submarine on standard programs. When this is carried out: the constant transmission of all data from the sensors and the operator in determining the appropriateness of the sequence; continuous determination of the parameters of the target and its maneuvers with fixing them in a computer memory; issue every minute of necessary information.


    of mine fields on the sides of the boat can be installed containers for up to 12 sea mines.

    sonar STN Adas Elektronik DBQS-21D includes sonar CSU 3 (SCHPS - shumopelengatornaya station) paths with noise - and ehopelengovaniya and station targeting Thomson-Sintra DUUX 2. All antennas are located in the SAS special enclosure and closed sound transmission fairings. Hydroacoustic equipment serviced by a single operator.

    Boating radiolocation stations of two types: navigation Thomson-CSF Calypso station and SARS to detect radar signals. The first works in active mode, the second - in the passive. Retractable antenna for both stations, allowing their use in periscope position. Working station detection radar can classify their carriers. Radio stations are adapted to operate in the highest IUD FRG communication system. They can be used not only to establish contact with the sea, but with terrestrial and aeronautical stations. Ensure receipt of orders for VLF-antenna when operating in passive mode. Transmission of information is conducted from a boat using HF-antenna.

    Station sonar communication intended for communications with submarines located submerged, as well as escort ships, installed in the fence cutting. Here are placed hydrophones to measure the cavitation noise own propulsion.

    the second half of the 1990s, began a gradual withdrawal of submarines of this type with modern weapons and replacing boats proekta212. In June 2010, the decision on decommissioning submarines project "206A" in order to reduce the cost of maintenance and current repair. Originally operation submarines project "206A" planned until 2015.

    S195 U161973/2010

    S196 U171973/2010

    S197 U181973/2010

    S198 U191973/1998

    Sold in Indonesia. Received the designation Bramastra.

    S192 U131973/1997

    Sold in Indonesia. Received the designation Nagarongsang.

    S193 U141973/1997

    Sold in Indonesia. Received the designation Nagabanda.

    S174 U251973/2008

    S194 U151974/2010

    S176 U271974/1996

    S177 U281974/2004

    S178 U291974/2006

    S 199 U201974/1996

    Sold in Indonesia. Received the designation Alugoro.

    S170 U211974/1998

    Sold in Indonesia. Received the designation Cundomani.

    S171 U221974/2008

    S173 U241974/2010

    S172 U231975/2010

    S179 U301975/2007

    S175 U261975/2005

    submarine 206a


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