Submarine 540 Gal





    attack submarines

    General characteristics

    Length (m):


    Width (m):


    Displacement (tons):

    600 scuba
    420 overwater

    Speed (knots):


    Draft (m):





    torpedo tubes:

    8 533 mm



    submarine gal 540

    Submarine "540 Gal" Vickers Ltd built shipyards in Barrow in the UK as the Type 540 - a variant of the German Submarine 206A (60-70th, the city for domestic political reasons, the Government of Israel dared openly to buy weapons in Germany). The contract was signed in April 1972, work began in 1973, by the end of 1977 construction was completed of all submarines.

    In 1983 all Submarine "540 Gal" were upgraded - got Harpoon anti-ship missiles and associated fire control system. In 1987-88, the city obsolete Mk37 torpedoes were replaced NT37E. In 1994-95, the search engine and fire control purposes have been upgraded again, moreover, the boat got adaptive noise suppressor (adaptive noise cancellation measures) by "Rafael».

    hulls are made of high-strength non-magnetic steel. Boat painted in blue and green - typical for the central and eastern Mediterranean.

    submarine gal 540

    "Gal" in the Navy Museum in Haifa.


    team - officers, one-third (from the entire crew) - re-enlist. In view of the small size of the submarine service conditions are quite heavy. Only submarine commander and chef have their own bed, for the rest, there are about 1 bed for 2 people, sleeping in shifts ("Summit cad", however, on submarines and ships of the crew still is constantly on the watch). There are 3 cockpit ("MES" - "migurey segel") of approximately 4 sq m each - for officers ("MES ktsinim"), warrant ("MES PACAP") and sergeants ("MES Samal", aka "MEA hogrim "). Each of them have 3-4 beds and retractable table for 6 people. Eating is carried out in two shifts, have 4 meals a day - at 07:30, 13:30, 16:00 and 19:30. By boat only 1 toilet. No soul - if necessary, arranged an impromptu shower of rubber canisters (seawater desalination plant with a capacity of just running 5 liters per hour). In the exit to the sea less than 3 days shower takes only chef in the longer hikes washed alternately every few days.

    In 1982 Submarine "540 Gal" participated in the war in Lebanon - conducted reconnaissance along the coast, adjusted artillery fire, were in a state of readiness to strike the Syrian Navy in the event of a full-scale war with Syria.

    By early 2003, Submarine "540 Gal" have already been decommissioned. Were negotiated their sale to Thailand or Poland, but they ended inconclusively.

    submarine gal 540


    Submarine "Gal", has served 27 years of the 14th October 2007 was placed in the Navy Museum in Haifa. With Submarine "Gal" removed secret weapons systems and communications, and she received two side doors for the convenience of tourists and supports to be installed on the ground.



    submarine gal 540


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