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    2 P-5

    submarine 644

    End 60-x ... Submarine project 644 out

    In 1956 1957gg. to use cruise missiles the P-5 was drafted "644" Project 613 boats conversion. It was the first serial domestic submarines with cruise missiles.

    In accordance with the project refitting submarines of Project 613 occurred without changing the pressure hull of the boat. This was achieved by dismantling the torpedo fodder, removing spare torpedoes bow torpedo tubes and repackaging facilities in the nose compartment. Complex P-5razmeschalsya two strong containers mounted on the superstructure deck behind the fence cutting, parallel to each other. Cueing missiles carried out by means of navigation system "North-H-644" and astronavigatsionnogo periscope "Lear." In addition to the boat installed missile fire control system "North-A644U" and other equipment, systems and devices serving the missile and as tanks replacement missiles. In mezhdubortnom space was established robust emergency ballast tank, providing dive underwater swimming position and emergency surfacing submarine missile with one flooded container. To increase the transverse stability of the boat with the high-lying missile containers in the keel of the superstructure were transferred cylinders VVD and the solid ballast placed in the docking keel. The modernization has increased the width of the ship (due to the outer hull), elongated fence cutting and modified superstructure.

    submarine 644

    Since P-5 missiles kept fully ready to shoot in containers maintained a special microclimate. Shooting was carried out under the provisions of the freeboard raised at 15 degrees to the horizontal missile containers with lids open. Start produced in the stern of the boat, ie, against the motion. Shooting volley was not provided. At the start of the first rocket, the second was in a closed container.

    submarine 644

    C-80 1951/1961

    "C-80" of the Northern Fleet sank January 27, 1961 in the Barents Sea as a result of flooding compartments seawater through shahtuRDP.

    June 23, 1968 the boat was found by rescue vessel "Altai" at coordinates 70.01 '23 's. sh. and 36.35 '22 "in. d at a depth of 196 meters and examined using the lowered camera. After considering the results of the expedition was a government commission decided to lift the boat (codename - Operation "Depth"). To lift the "C-80" on Nicholas CVD specially built rescue vessel "Karpaty", equipped with a device for raising sunken submarines. The operation "Depth" carried out SAS-10 Northern Fleet, commanded by Captain 1st Rank S. Minchenko dowry units minesweepers and destroyers for protection of water area. Work on immediate lifting boats began June 9, 1969 and took place in two stages. First boat was torn from the ground and suspended on podkilnyh sling devices, then the ATP "Carpathians" was to raise the boat to a depth of 70 meters and tow in the coastal region. Then, in a sheltered area planned to raise "C-80" by traditional methods using pontoons and divers. July 12 rescue vessel "Karpaty" finished boat transportation to the bay Zavalishina Teriberskaya lips, where the submarine was lowered to the ground at a depth of 51 meters. July 24, 1969 "C-80" has been raised to the surface.

    submarine 644

    Photos from the book "Ships Power" 1970 edition.

    In August, the "C-80" started a government commission headed by the Hero of the Soviet Union, Vice-Admiral GI Shchedrin. As a result of the commission were restored following the circumstances and cause of death of the boat. Low: 26 January 1961 Godea "C-80" was under the diesel at periscope depth in waves up to 6 points and a temperature of -5 degrees Celsius. Around 1:00 27 minutes 27 January boat fell below periscope depth, leading to entanglement mine RDP. The float valve is not operated due to icing, as heating hot water valve from diesel engines has been disconnected. After detecting the flow of water in the 5th compartment bilge driver mistakenly instead of closing air zahlopkiRDP, located next to the flywheel turned complex "Lira", whereby the water continued to flood the compartment, creating a menacing trimmed by the stern. Trying to manually close second minders constipation mine RDP was not successful, since the valve stem was bent incoming water pressure. In the current emergency situation were allowed two tragic mistakes that led to the eventual death of the ship - was not used system of fast blowing emergency ballast tank and run the command on the main cottage stroke motors. Once the rate has fallen to zero, and trim rose to 45 degrees, the boat fell down to a depth of stern and lost underwater unsinkable, went into the ground. As a result of excessive pressure bulkhead 2.3 and 4th compartments vzyrovopodobno were destroyed, personnel, who was killed in the compartments. Attempts surviving 24 crew members off the sunken boat in the IDA-51 devices have failed. 68 crew members were killed.

    C-44 1952/1972

    C-46 1952/1975

    C-158 1953/1975

    C-69 1953/1975

    C-162 1954/1980

    submarine 644


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