Submarine 651 Juliet





    attack submarines

    General characteristics

    Length (m):


    Width (m):


    Displacement (tons):


    Speed (knots):


    Range (miles):


    Immersion depth (m):


    Draft (m):





    torpedo tubes:

    6 533 mm (Ammo - 18 torpedoes)
    4 400 mm (Ammo - 4 torpedoes)


    4 P-70 Ametist/P-6/P-500 Basalt

    651 submarine Juliet

    SSK project "651 Juliet" came to Soviet Navy in the late 1950s. They were armed with 4 cruise missiles with nuclear warheads P-70 Amethyst. More accurate homing missiles P-6 and P-500 Basalt appeared later and were intended to destroy U.S. aircraft carriers.

    Originally planned to build 35 such SSK for strengthening nuclear submarine of project 675, which were more SSK "651 Juliet" and carried 8 PU missiles.

    651 submarine Juliet

    For its time

    SSK "651 Juliet" had extremely advanced technical solutions, some of which struck the boat later visited American engineers. For example, "651 Juliet" is covered with special sound-radio-absorbing coatings - "tiled" hard rubber, a thickness of about 50 mm. They are equipped with unique silver-zinc batteries akkumullyatornymi that allowed to develop for 1.5 hours underwater speed of 17.5 knots., And provides a range of underwater speed of 810 miles. Other features were the body of magnetic steel and the system is "Orca" for satellite information about the purpose and many other difficult radio-electronic devices.

    SSK project "651 Juliet" had a double hulled design with exceptionally large reserve buoyancy.

    651 submarine Juliet

    housing consisted of eight sections:

    1. Bow torpedo compartment;

    2. Compartment premises and front akumullyatornyh batteries;

    3. Control module akkumullyatornyh missiles and batteries;

    4. Control module;

    5. Compartment premises and two groups akumullyatornyh batteries;

    6. Compartment with diesel engines and diesel generators.

    7. Elektoromotorov compartment;

    8. Aft torpedo room.

    651 submarine Juliet

    K-156 1963/1988

    K-85 1964/1988

    K-63 1964/1991

    K-70 1964/1991

    K-24 1965/1994

    Sold to Germany in 1994. Used as a floating restaurant (with wrong number on the body of U-461)


    tourist attraction.

    K-68 1965/1989

    K-77 1965/1989

    K-81 1965/1994

    sold by Subexpo. C 1997 is used as a tourist attraction in the city of St. Petersburg, Florida, United States.

    K-58 1966/1992

    sank during a stop in 1992 and was scrapped.

    K-73 1966/1991

    K-67 1967/1994

    K-78 1967/1992

    sank during the transition to the place of cutting in 1992.

    K-203 1967/1998

    651 submarine Juliet

    K-304 1968/1994

    K-318 1968/1991

    K-120 1968/1991

    651 submarine Juliet


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