Submarine 667BD Murena-M





    Missile Submarine



    General characteristics

    Length (m):


    Width (m):


    Displacement (tons):


    Speed (knots):


    Immersion depth (m):


    Draft (m):


    nuclear reactor:





    torpedo tubes:

    4 533 mm
    2 400 mm

    Ballistic missiles:

    16 RSM-40

    submarine 667BD moray-m

    Opportunities Sevmash allowed several buildings under construction to increase the length of submarines family "667." As a result, the idea while maintaining the current technology to lengthen the body built boats and increase their missile ammunition, thereby improving the performance of weapons by "cost - effectiveness." In June 1972 CDB ME "Rubin" was issued tactical and technical requirements for the development of an improved version of Project 667B Murena boats capable of carrying not 12, but 16 missiles RSM-40. New icebreaker got the code "667BD Murena-M." Upgraded ships were to be built on previous work cycle of the project, with the preservation of the former standard equipment, since there is a large SMP production groundwork for boats 667B project Moray. This led to a minimum of structural changes to the new project. To accommodate the additional number of missiles in the hull in the area of 4-5 frames, it was decided "embed" additional section length of 16 m, keeping the remaining elements of the vehicle design unchanged. As a result, the number of watertight compartments durable housing increased from 10 to 11 (add additional rocket section 5 bis). The ship's tonnage increased by 1,500 tonnes, and the speed decreased by 1 unit.

    submarine 667BD moray-m

    was implemented a series of measures to further reduce the noise of the submarine, as well as reducing interference to their own sonar equipment. In particular, the mechanisms of steam turbine plant mounted on special vibration-absorbing foundations equipped with two-stage damping system. Were applied and new sound-absorbing coating vibrodempfiruyuschie. Pipelines and hydraulic devices separated from the hull vibration isolation. Increased range missile launch areas has shifted combat patrol new SSBNs in the Arctic regions. As a result, it took additional measures to improve the conditions of submarine navigation in ice. In particular, nasal horizontal rudders mounted on the fence cutting, pivoting fulfilled: to facilitate the ascent of ice polynyas they unfolded at 90 °, plumbing. Submarine received an automated ship's television system that provides subglacial and vnutriotsechnoe observation, visualization of spatial position of the ship and displays installed in the main command post pictures near surface and air situation according to the periscope.

    submarine 667BD moray-m


    combat information management system "Cloud" was installed on the ship a few more advanced CICS "Almaz". On the boat project "667BD Murena-M" was first applied electrochemical regeneration air system (ERV-M) by electrolysis of water (for oxygen) and carbon dioxide absorption regenerable solid absorber. Were introduced more advanced technical means to maintain specified standards of habitability on board the ship.

    submarine 667BD moray-m

    K-187 1975/1996

    K-92 1975/1997

    In 1982, "K-92" (commander - Captain 2nd Rank Vladimir Patrushev) has successfully completed a special assignment by applying combat torpedoes for breaching polynyas in the Arctic ice pack, surfaced and made a missile launch.

    K-193 1975/1998

    In 1980 Boat "K-193" fulfilled a special campaign, the purpose of which was to test the capabilities of the American stationary sonar surveillance system SOSUS.

    K-421 1975/1999


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