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    General characteristics

    Length (m):


    Width (m):


    Displacement (tons):


    Speed (knots):


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    Immersion depth (m):


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    torpedo tubes:

    8 533 mm



    electronic equipment





    submarine Romeo 633

    Design Submarine "Romeo 633" was launched by CM Resolution № 1454-808 of 08/09/1955, the design was carried out in the CDB-112, chief designer of the project was ZA Deribin, Vice-A. K. Nazarov and EV Krylov, mostly watching from the Navy was I. Chufrin.

    Technical project "Romeo 633" was approved by the CM № 1117-580 of 15 August 1956.

    Submarine "Romeo 633" double-hulled. Submarine hull form mainly subordinated ensure greater propulsion submerged by surface characteristics.

    house and fence made of relatively small size and streamlined shape (due to some tightness running watch) - to reduce the resistance in the course of submerged.

    The dimensions of the

    boats were designed with the possibility of transporting the Volga-Baltic, Volga-Don and the White Sea-Baltic Waterway in floating docks. Before the reconstruction of Mary at the site Chernovets-Vitegra transportation of boats provided for in special lightweight docks.

    Rugged divided into seven compartments with six watertight bulkheads. In compartments PLrazmescheno following basic equipment.

    submarine Romeo 633

    In the first compartment (torpedo) located torpedo tubes, spare torpedoes or mines on special shelves torpedopogruzochny sunroof, 13 beds for the team, drives bow hydroplanes and spire, post emergency main ballast blow-down systems.

    In the second compartment (battery) contains: one group of battery and tank of distilled water, cabin commander, two double cabins and wardroom officers, cutting radio room washroom, battery automatic, 5 cylinder GDI and fresh water tank .

    In the third compartment (central station) is located: cutting radar, underwater acoustics and Mate with instrumentation, control stations rudders, diving and ventilation control system Trim, WSC station and IRR, equipment putts, automatic voltage regulator and gyrocompass.

    The hold

    central station located: helm bilge system and the main bilge pumps, pumping unit hydraulics, instrumentation lag provision store with refrigeration unit, code-post, latrine, fresh water tanks and waste water.

    Furthermore, in the control room located lifting mast masts of the loop antenna, antenna VAN-C, station "freewheeling" periscope attack and air defense, lifting station antenna rotator "flag».

    submarine Romeo 633

    In the fourth compartment (battery) includes: a second group of battery and tank of distilled water, the wardroom and steerage for privates and petty officers of the 20 berths, galley and shower room, three cylinder AWD, automatic battery and remote EDS, as well as clean oil tank.

    The fifth compartment (diesel) are located two 37D engine with auxiliary machinery and piping, shafting and second control diesels. Moreover, in a compartment located; electric compressor, electric fans and general ship battery ventilation, air conditioning system, tank and circulation of pure oil, sewage tank and fuel tank of dirty water.

    In the sixth compartment (Electromotive) contains: two main propulsion motors "PG-101" with shields control two motors of economic progress "PG-103" and shield management, shafting with couplings, two triple cabins for petty officers and enlisted personnel , the catch tank latrines, clean oil tank and dirty water tank.

    submarine Romeo 633

    In the seventh compartment (aft torpedo) contains: torpedo with pipelines, storage unit torpedo hatch, hanging four berths, bilge pump "2n-1" and a latrine with basin, cistern - Trim and annulus, as well as Fresh water tank.

    Rugged welded, made of high-strength steel of the AK-25. Robust housing length 59.4 m consists of cylinders (diameter 5300 mm in the central office and 4900 mm in other areas) and truncated cones in the end compartments.

    Vertical, stern and bow hydroplanes beam type, welded construction, streamlined shape. Manage vertical rudder and horizontal rudders produced by hydraulic drive from the central station. As a backup control the stern rudders provided the drive. Switching from hydraulic to electric drive and control rudders with electrically produced from the central station. Designed to control the vertical wheel surface speed mode from the bridge, through the mechanical drive to the manipulator in the control room.

    Deck submarine "Romeo 633" with raised drawer

    for the life support and rescue teams from the sunken submarine, the last three compartments-seekers vygorozhena strong spherical bulkheads, tested at 20 kgf/cm2 by concavity and 7 kgf/cm2 by convexity.

    torpedo tubes equipped with a special system that provides command output in equipment COI from depths up to 120 meters, a way of locking apparatus and method of flooding the compartment with depths up to 100 meters.

    submarine Romeo 633

    Central post and durable cutting executed as airlock, provide output in team gear COI from depths up to 100 meters.

    On the boat

    possible to save the team from the stern of the boat with a special bell from depths up to 200 meters, which is new compared to previous projects.

    fuel system and replacement of the fuel tanks is a useful capacity of 144.03 m3 fuel and ballast tanks usable capacity 155.12 m3.

    handling torpedoes and mines made using submarine torpedo-mine-loading device, providing a full set of loading (14 torpedoes) in 10 hours, excluding preparation time boats to receive ammunition. Loading full set of minutes (28-16 minutes in cell phones and 12 racks) is 9 hours.

    On "Romeo 633" installed system serial putts "Leningrad-633." Produced system putts "Leningrad-633" data torpedo firing (in the direction of movement of torpedoes and character Zigzag) automatically and continuously transmitted to the torpedo room and installed in the torpedo tubes are in vehicles, drive control gyroscopic instruments (TPC-E). Installation depth control on GYROSTAT torpedoes made actuator "PUG" manually from the bay. Range of up to 100 putts cab (18.5 km).

    propellers in nozzles rotate fairings. Shestilopastny screws, low noise, variable pitch diameter of 1.6 meters. Project was the possibility of installing a four-propeller.

    According to the Soviet documentation

    boat "633 romeo" built in China and North Korea

    C-350 1959/1962

    died in the explosion along with the B-37.

    C-351 1959/1994



    C-352 1959/1994



    C-354 1959/1994



    C-34 1959/1994



    C-36 1960/1985

    C-37 1960/1994

    C-38 1960/1983

    C-57 1960/1994



    C-101 1960/1994



    C-128 1960/1994

    C-212 1960/1994

    C-49 1960/1994

    refurbished to project 6ZZRV. In the bow of the boat had to add two 650-mm torpedo tubes for testing new torpedoes.

    C-53 1961/1994

    C-4 1961/1985

    C-7 1961/1982



    C-9 1961/1993

    C-11 1961/1994

    refurbished to project 6ZZRV. In the bow of the boat had to add two 650-mm torpedo tubes for testing new torpedoes.

    C-28 1961/1983



    C-6 1962/1994

    C-323 1962/1994

    C-41 1962/1994

    submarine Romeo 633


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