Submarine Xia 092





    Missile Submarine



    General characteristics

    Length (m):


    Displacement (tons):


    Speed (knots):


    nuclear reactor:



    torpedo tubes:

    6 533 mm

    Ballistic missiles:

    12 JuLang-1

    092 Xia submarine

    Construction of the first nuclear submarine in the shipyard began Huludao, province of Liaoning, in September 1970. Submarine duplicated exactly the type design 091 Han, but her hull was lengthened to accommodate the missile silos. The proportion of new components designed specifically for the new submarine, was only 15%. The greatest difficulties caused development of a system of underwater launch ballistic missiles.

    092 Xia submarine

    Due to the high technical complexity of the project was moving very slowly, moreover he was seriously slowed down during the Cultural Revolution. The submarine was launched only in the beginning of 1981 - a decade after the bookmark. Submarine was officially accepted into the Chinese Navy in August 1983, but the first successful launch JuLang-1 failed in September 1987. In addition, class SSBNs 091 Han has high accident rate due to defects in design.

    092 Xia submarine

    In its tactical and technical characteristics SSBN "092 Xia" is close to the American submarine J. Washington. But the Chinese missile carries only 12 missiles and was built nearly 30 years later, when the boats with these characteristics have become obsolete.

    092 Xia submarine

    The design

    Chinese missile noticeable focus on projects first French SSBNs, as evidenced by the shape of the case, a power plant that used mover, the location of weapons systems. This is not the case, and the result of cooperation between the two countries shipbuilding firms.

    092 Xia submarine

    Despite the fact that the level of technological performance and tactical and technical elements of this type SSBN yields similar boats of the "nuclear club", its commissioning marked the creation of the marine component of the triad of strategic nuclear forces of China, and its deployment in Yellow and East China Seas significantly increases the Chinese military capabilities in the Asia-Pacific region

    092 Xia submarine

    Having only one missile submarine, the Chinese navy could not fully ensure the possibility of nuclear retaliation, as it requires at least three submarines, that one of them was always in a state of combat readiness. Despite this, the program built submarine type "092 Xia" has enriched the Chinese navy invaluable knowledge and experience in the design, construction and operation of nuclear missile submarines, which were used in the design of Type 094 SSBN Jin second generation.

    092 Xia submarine


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