Super Mister B-2


    Airplane Super Mister was based on Mister IV engine with Rolls Royce Avon (coded - IV-B). Mister IV-B had swept wing oval, was equipped with tanks krylnyh-caissons, smoothed antennas and radar gun cannon placed at the bow. This aircraft appeared intermediate step between the base model and a larger, heavy and powerful machine SMV-2, which had a wing sweep of 45 degrees, and the aerodynamics of repeated American plane F-100 Super Sabre (not accidentally flattened nose of the car had a clear resemblance to the front part of the American fighter). Despite the fact that the first SMV-2 had engine Avon RA-7R, subsequently on machines of this type are mounted engines 101 Atar-G In a fourth flight SMV-2 engine 01 Avon easily exceeded in horizontal flight sonic velocity and thus become way the first production supersonic aircraft, entered service.

    Production: France

    Type: single-seat fighter-bomber

    Propulsion: turbojet 10YU-2/-3 Atar (SNESMA) thrust 4460 kg

    Features: max speed at 12,000 m 1195 km / h (743 miles / hour), ceiling 17,000 m, range 870 km (540 miles)

    Weight: Empty weight 6932 kg, max take-off weight of 10,000 kg

    Dimensions: wingspan 10.52 m, length 14.1 m, height 4.55 m, wing area of 35 sqm. m

    Armament: two 30mm cannon DEFA-551, built-in installation for Matra

    thirty-five 68-mm rockets EYEV two underwing site with the possibility of suspension to 907-kg load, including fuel tanks, rockets and bombs


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