SVDK sniper rifle


    In 2006, the Russian army, after undergoing extensive testing in the State under the ROC "cracker" (OSV-96, SV-98, KAFP, SVDK) adopted a new semi-automatic 9-mm sniper rifle, designated the Dragunov sniper rifle Heavy-(SVDK, ind. 6V9).

    sniper rifle SVDK
    With an installed night sight
    According to the Russian classification

    considered large-caliber rifles caliber more than 9 mm., and SVDK developed, put into service under sniper cartridge 9,3 x64 mm. (Ind.7N33) with brass sleeve, developed on the basis of civil TSNIITOCHMASH hunting 9.3h64 mm.

    main task is considered a sniper rifle SVDK defeat enemy personnel, protected with personal protective equipment (heavy body armor) or light barriers and defeat unarmored vehicles.

    Initially, prototypes rifle SVDK perfected on the basis of structural elements SVD.

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    Caliber, mm 9.3x64
    Weight unloaded,
    Optical sight and bipod, kg
    Length in firing position
    (Butt decomposed) mm
    Barrel length, mm 620
    Muzzle velocity, m / s 780
    Sighting range, m 1000
    Capacity count. cartridges 10

    On the device is a development of the rifle SVDK SVD Dragunov sniper rifle, but the receiver, slide group and vent assembly redesigned based on a larger and more powerful cartridge.

    trunk in his back (for venting unit) stowed in a steel perforated casing, which unloads the barrel from the loads applied to tsevyu or bipod. Cover himself completely hidden inside the plastic forearm.

    pistol grip and side-folding metal stock inherited from SIDS sniper rifle, but the area of the rubber butt plate significantly increased for better control over the grown-impact weapons.

    from the receiver, under the barrel is a bus (halfpipe) which is attached bipod with elements of secure racks and front locking ring barrel linings.

    flame arrestor, essentially repeats the native structure integrally arrester SVD, but has a slightly more simplified external profile, without arm rest bayonet-knife to the inability to install it.

    rifle equipped with a bipod integral with the possibility of folding and secure racks, through slits in the handguard.


    rifle SVD SVDK equipped open adjustable sights and a special bar on the left side of the receiver, which is used to install brackets for quick-optics. Regular sight for riflescope is SVDK 1P70 "Hyperion" Variable Scope 3-10X (also possible to use the day-night sight 1PN112). The sight has a built-in adjustment of the aiming mark on the range, but differs heavy and excessive cost (compared to western counterparts).

    snayperskaya rifle svdk
    With an installed sight 1P70 "Hyperion»

    According to different sources, the accuracy characteristics of a sniper rifle SVDK almost completely replicate the characteristics of the SVD, except that, at the same distances and with the same accuracy of fire, use a more powerful cartridge.

    Some sources indicated that the rifle was to occupy a niche in the long-range sniper weapons, but no ballistics cartridge 9.3h64 nor the properties of the rifle does not allow this property to compete with Western complexes under sniper bullets ranged tipa.338 Lapua Magnum.

    Effective range for SVDK declared about 600 meters. Insert 9.3h64 7N33 is designed based on hunting cartridge 9.3h64 Brennecke, originally created for big game hunting. In an embodiment of this cartridge 7N33 has a bullet weighing 16.5 grams with a steel core. Muzzle velocity when firing from SVDK - about 770 m / s, the muzzle energy of the order of 4900 joules. At a distance of 100 meters claimed 80% chance of breaking through the armor plate thickness of 10 mm.


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