T-45A Goskhouk


    t-45a goskhouk

    Model Goskhouk - modification of the training. Plane BAe (NB) Hawke intended for the U.S. Navy. Joint project companies McDonnell Douglas and BAE, based on the model Hawke won the competition to build the deck training aircraft to replace obsolete machinery Rockwell T-2 Bakken announced by the U.S. Navy in the late 1970s. The new aircraft differed markedly from Hawke had a two-wheeled nose landing gear, reinforced main landing with long stroke shock absorbers, brake hook and dual side brake pads. By the standards of the U.S. Navy were also given cabin and avionics. Particular attention was paid to the design efficiency of the aircraft, to this end, the engine was selected Rolls-Royce / Turbomeca. Plane, manufactured by McDonnell in Missouri, entered service in 1990. The picture shows the T-45A Goskhouk from the second academic level, located in Kingsville, Texas.

    Production: USA

    Type: Double trainer deck


    Propulsion: turbojet engine F-405-RR-401 (Rolls Royce /

    Turbomeca) thrust 2650 kg

    Features: max speed at an altitude of 2440 m 997 km / h (620 miles / hour);

    ceiling 12875 m dal. flight without dozapr. 1,850 km (1,150 miles)

    Weight: Empty weight 4263 kg, max take-off weight 5787 kg

    Dimensions: wingspan of 9.4 m, length 12 m, height 4.3 m wing area

    16,7 m. m

    Armament: ----


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