tank was established in 1941 as a result of deep modernization of the T-40, KB conducted under the direction of NA Astrov in conditions of the Great Patriotic War. Compared with the T-40 he had heavier armor protection and more powerful weapons - 20-mm cannon instead of a heavy machine gun. In this first batch tank was used for heating in winter device engine coolant. Modernization achieved improvement in the basic combat performance while simplifying the design of the tank, but it reduced the combat capabilities - to eliminate buoyancy. As with the T-40, in the undercarriage of the T-60 used four rubber-coated roller on board, three support rollers located front and rear driving wheel steering wheel. Individual torsion bar suspension. Despite a significant increase in weight of armor protection performance characteristics and flotation tank compared to the T-40 have not changed. He reached a speed of 45 km / h, climbing to 29 degrees, 1.7 m wide moat and a wall height of 0.65 m tank was armed with an automatic 20mm cannon TNSH-20 and 7.62-mm machine gun with DT large stock of ammunition. To control the fire on the tank was mounted telescopic sight TMFP-1. However, the shortage of tanks main advantage of the T-60 was the simplicity of production of automobile factories with extensive use of automotive components and mechanisms. The tank was made simultaneously at four factories. Just a short period of time was released 6045 T-60 tanks, which played an important role in the battles of the initial period of the Great Patriotic War. On the basis of the T-60 was created and produced in series multiple rocket launcher BM-8-24 with 24 runners to run rockets caliber 82 mm.

    One of the most interesting projects created on the basis of the T-60, a glider CT (wings tank) Design Bureau Antonov. More information about this project can be found in the book VN Shunkov Weapons of the Red Army.


    < td> 2392 mm < td> 2 people

    TTC T-60

    Production USSR
    Combat weight 5,8 & ndash , 6.4 m
    length 4100 mm
    Height 1750 mm
    Armament 1 x 20 mm cannon ShVAK-20 (TNSH), 1x 7.62 mm machine gun DT
    Ammunition 780 shells, 945 rounds
    Reservations forehead forehead housing tower 35 mm 25 mm
    Engine Type Petrol GAZ-22 "
    Maximum power 70 l. with.
    Range 450 km
    Ride quality Max. speed - 45 km / h


    Photos T-60

    tank t-60 tank t-60


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