USS 1143.5






    General characteristics

    Length (m):


    Height (m):


    Width (m):


    Displacement (tons):


    Speed (knots):


    Range (miles):


    Draft (m):



    1586 656 aircrew





    12 P-700 Granit



    Air defense systems:

    8 Dirk
    6 AK-630


    2 RBU-12000 Boa

    OHR (cells):

    96 Dagger

    aircraft carrier 1143.5

    Varyag in China

    In 1978 began design work to create aircraft carriers of "1143.5". Work is being done Leningrad PKB. The first option - advanced avanproekt heavy aircraft carrying cruiser Kiev in 1143. The design is according to the research work entitled "Order", which is the military-economic feasibility of the aircraft carrier with a nuclear installation project in 1160.

    aircraft carrier 1143.5

    «Varyag" off the coast of Turkey, Fall 2001

    In October 1978, the Council of Ministers of the USSR Ministry of Defence was tasked to develop the tactical and technical requirements for ship design "1143.5", the Ministry of Shipbuilding Industry to issue preliminary design and technical project by 1980. Proposed start of serial construction of ships of "1143.5" - in 1981, ending - 1990. Bookmark and shipbuilding - slipway "O" Nikolaev shipyard.

    aircraft carrier 1143.5

    Draft project prepared for 1979, the same year it was approved by Chief of VMFS. Gorshkov. A few months later, in 1980, Defense Minister Ustinov signed a directive of the General Staff, which said about the need to change the project 1143.5. Now the term readiness technical project moved away in 1982, building on the 1986-91 years. In April 1980, Navy Commander C. Gorshkov argues tactical and technical requirements of the project, as amended. In the summer of 1980 all the parties involved - the Ministry of Shipbuilding Industry, the Ministry of Aviation Industry, Air Force and Navy recognize drafting 1143.5 ship fully performed.

    aircraft carrier 1143.5

    However, changes are continuing. Using the ship project "1143.5" aviation arms are worked according to the decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR. At the end of 1980 CRI military shipbuilding corrects tactical and technical requirements for ship design "1143.5". In early spring 1981 otGUK Navy at the Nikolaev shipyard enters contract for the production of an aircraft carrier (Order 105). In the autumn of 1981 made changes to the draft of the ship - the vessel was increased by 10,000 tons. Further, the draft is amended as follows:

    aircraft carrier 1143.5

    antiship missile complex "Granite" with 12 launchers located in the bow of the flight deck ... (photo: Rosvooruzhenie) "

    - installation aboard ASM P-700 Granit;

    - increase in aircraft armament to 50 units;

    - springboard takeoff aircraft without the use of catapults;

    final technical project "1143.5" was ready by March 1982. Adopted by the Council of Ministers of the USSR № 392-10 of 07.05.1982 year.

    aircraft carrier 1143.5


    ship consists of 24 blocks, weighing about 1.7 tons. Welded body design with 2 decks and 7 platforms. During the construction of the ship used two cranes "Cana" Finnish production capacity of 900 tons each. The hull is covered with special radar-absorbing coating. If the ship be divided into floors, their number will be 27 floors. Just inside the ship holds 3857 different premises from which we mention: 4 cabin classes - 387 rooms, Kubrick - 134 rooms, dining rooms - 6 rooms, shower rooms - 50 rooms. During the construction of the ship was used for more than 4 thousand kilometers of cable routes, 12,000 kilometers of pipes for various purposes. Ship received a through deck area of over 14,000 m2 with a springboard angle 14.3 degrees in the bow of the ship. On the trampoline deck corners and edges shaped fairings installed. On the flight deck aircraft delivered 40-ton lift (starboard) on the bow and the stern of the ship. Deck width - 67 meters. Portion of the runway length of 205 meters and a width of 26 meters at an angle of 7 degrees. Deck surface coated with a special heat-resistant and anti-slip coated "Omega" and the areas of vertical takeoff / landing covered with heat-resistant tiles "AK-9FM." On the left and right sides of the launchers are two runways (runway length of 90 meters), which converge at the upper end of the ramp. Third runway length of 180 meters (left side toward the stern). To protect and support personnel from the aircraft taking off aircraft on the deck used with cooling vents. Landing on the deck of the aircraft used aerofinishers "Svetlana-2" and the emergency barrier "Hope." Landing aircraft is carried out by radio range navigation and optical landing "Luna-3". Enclosed hangar length 153 meters, width 26 meters and height 7.2 meters could accommodate 70 percent of the regular air group. It just kept tractors, fire trucks special set of tools for service LAC. In the hangar made semi-automatic chain LA transportation staff, transport aircraft on the deck performed by tractors. Hangar is divided into 4 compartments folding refractory curtains with electromechanical controls, to ensure fire safety. Constructive protection topside ship shielded type, internal protective barriers - composite structures by type steel / fiberglass / steel. The main material chosen high-strength steel (yield strength of 60 kg/mm2). Aviation fuel tanks, fuel and ammunition are protected by a local box-booking. First in the construction of the domestic ships used underwater structural protection. PKZ depth of about 5 meters. Of 3 longitudinal baffles, the second laminate was armored type. Floodability ensured by flooding 5-adjacent compartments of not more than 60 meters.

    aircraft carrier 1143.5


    built aircraft carrier "Varyag».

    Powerplant - type of boiler and turbine, consisting of 8 new steam boilers, four main units turbozubchatyh TV-12-4, providing a total capacity of 200,000 liters. s. Propellers - 4 fixed pitch propeller.

    aircraft carrier 1143.5

    electronic weapons and equipment of the ship - 58 systems and complexes, the main ones:

    - CICS "Woodsman»;

    - SDI "Tee»;

    - complex distal targeting "Coral-BN»;

    - multifunctional RFCs "Mars-Passat" phased array;

    - three-coordinate radar "Fregat-MA»;

    - two coordinate radar "Tackle" detect low-flying air targets;

    - complex navigation "Beysur»;

    - communication equipment "Buran-2»;

    - Jammer MP-207, MP-407, TK-D46RP;

    - Radar Mission Control "Resistor»;

    - complex electronic warfare "Cantata-1143.5»;

    - hydroacoustic complex "polynomial-T»;

    - hydroacoustic station "Star-M1", "Amulet", "Altyn»;

    - navigational radar "Naiad-M", "Vaygach-U»;

    - Station sonar communication "Calm»;

    - space communication system "Crystal-BK»;

    - command and control system aircraft "Tour 434»;

    - television landing "Otvedok-Emancipation»;

    - station guidance "Lawn»;

    - measuring systems "Control»;

    Antenna device

    most systems and complexes are located on the superstructure of the ship.


    aircraft carrier 1143.5

    Fate heavy aircraft carrying cruiser "Varyag", the second ship of the project 1143.5, which was to follow the first Russian aircraft carrier with supersonic fighters aboard, was tragic for the domestic fleet.

    aircraft carrier 1143.5

    By November 1991 readiness "Varyag" reached 68%. But the pace of construction of the ship began to fall. In a country emerging economic and political crisis. Started the "parade of sovereignties" of former Soviet republics. The Soviet Union broke up into separate independent republic. All this is a painful blow on the program of development of domestic aircraft carrier fleet. By the end of 1991 the construction of "Varyag" departed Ukraine on the Black Sea shipyard actually stopped.

    In early 1992, "Varyag" was conserved in the outfitting quay CSY able to almost 70% complete.

    aircraft carrier 1143.5

    In 1999, 11 years after launching and seven years after the termination of construction, "Varyag" was sold to China (see Liaoning).

    Admiral Kuznetsov1985

    September 1, 1982 Project 1143.5 ship laid on the slipway modernized "O" Nikolaev shipyard and was given the name "Riga" with serial number 105. Two months later the ship was renamed "Leonid Brezhnev." In December 1982, has begun installing 1st unit body structure. This first vessel was composed of 24 blocks of the housing. Blocks hull width, 32 meters long, 13 meters high, weighing up to 1.7 tons. Superstructure of the ship is also installed as a unit.

    aircraft carrier 1143.5


    propulsion and power systems have been ordered for the 1983-84 year. Their assembly and installation was carried out on an already partially assembled body, which led to opening of the decks and bulkheads and some strongly slowed down the entire construction process. First pictures of the new ship, made from the satellite, appeared in the French press in 1984, the aircraft carrier readiness for this year was 20 percent.

    ship launched from the slipway at the end of 1985, the weight of the ship does not exceed 32 million tons, the ship readiness estimated 35.8 percent. In 1986, the chief designer of the project 1143.5 appoint Sokolova. In mid-1987, the ship was renamed again - now he was called TAKR "Tbilisi", readiness of the ship is estimated at 57 percent. There is a delay built ship (approximately 15 percent) due to disruption of supplies various equipment. At the end of 1988 readiness TAKR estimated 70 percent. The estimated cost of the ship in 1989 was about 720 million rubles, of which nearly 200 million is delay in delivery of equipment and systems. In the same year he was appointed a new chief designer L. Belov, readiness of the ship is estimated at 80 percent. Installed on the ship about 50 percent of electronic equipment and systems, most of the equipment on the ship arrived in 1989.

    first output produced a ship at sea 20.10.1989 year. His officially allowed all participants. Of ready-made solutions on the ship was ready to use air group. Exit the ship was completed 25.11.1989 year. Tests begin aviagroup year 1.11.1989 - Su-27K first landed on the deck. Immediately after the landing has taken off from the deck of aircraft carrier MiG-29K.

    Staffing ship armament and avionics completed by 1990, the total availability of the ship is estimated at 87 percent. Running factory tests were conducted in the spring and summer of 1990. In October 1990, the last time the ship changes its name, which is to this day - aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov". During the 1st phase of tests conducted ship successfully passed more than 16 thousand miles, more than 450 times the plane takes off from the deck of the ship. State tests are finished 25.12.1990, after which it is taken to the Navy. Further testing of the ship took place until 1992 at the Black Sea, after which he goes to the Northern Fleet.

    Currently, the aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier is the only present ever were armed with Russian Navy.

    In 2012-17 biennium - to begin upgrading the ship, work will be carried Production Association «Sevmash».


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