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    16 144 mm



    carrier apk Royal


    Ship "Apk Royal" - the first major carrier of special construction in the Royal Navy. His longest flight deck was located at a height of 18 meters above the water. Full-wing aircraft was 60, when in fact the carrier did not take such a number of machines, as most aviation group reduced its combat capability.

    It was first used two-storey hangar under armored flight deck, connected by a flight deck and three lifts. Two catapults in the bow planes allowed to run even when the carrier was still and not deployed against the wind. On "Royal Apk" had also improved hydraulic arrester, to capture network Overshot landing aircraft. The first to use it and a large aft overhang, increase the length of the flight deck up to 244 m: longer deck there was none of the British aircraft carrier until the end of the Second World War. Finally, for the first time in the British Navy on the ship did not fix the main caliber guns all artillery weapons meant only for anti-aircraft fire.

    carrier apk Royal



    3 September 1939 Britain declared war on Nazi Germany, "Apk Royal" was at sea. And in September 14 it attacked Nazi submarine U-39. Dodging its torpedoes, aircraft carrier to the place called the attack destroyers, which sank the boat. Twelve days later, a fighter with "Royal Apk" shot down a German seaplane. It was the first submarine and the first aircraft destroyed by the British navy in World War II.

    carrier apk Royal

    Tug series

    In December 1939, the carrier participated in the search for Nazi raider Admiral Graf Spee in force in the South Atlantic. In the summer of 1940 with the aircraft "Royal Apk" bombed their former allies - the French ships had taken refuge after the capitulation of France in Mers-el-Kebir. Since that time, the main military theater, which had to act "Apk Royal" was the Mediterranean. During the first two years of the war there were many tactics approved use of aircraft carriers, and then applied in the vast Pacific Ocean.

    carrier apk Royal

    In May 1941, one of the "sordfishey" its air group torpedoed German battleship Bismarck, knocking out the steering.

    carrier apk Royal

    spring of 1941, the British came up with an unusual way to smuggle in Malta aircraft defenses. Transports steel carriers. When the distance to the island was reduced to a value range, fighters took off, get yourself to the beach, sat on the airfields and included in the Maltese air defense system. After one of these raids to Malta, November 13, 1941, "Apk Royal", the German submarine U-81 penetrated the veil of destroyers and torpedo plunged into the starboard aircraft carrier. Almost immediately "Apk Royal" started to list to starboard, but he kept the speed of 22 knots. But soon lost electricity and denied all means of internal ship communications. Before the carrier stopped, roll increased so that the horizontal radio masts almost touching the water. It was decided not to risk the lives of sailors and leave the ship, which could topple at any moment. It came aboard the aircraft carrier destroyers, which withdrew in 1487 over half an hour of officers and sailors. With the explosion killed only one person. Sending most of the crew, the captain and about 100 teams continued attempts to save "Apk Royal".

    carrier apk Royal

    Without electricity they can work only in the light of the portable lights. Oil from the starboard tanks pumped into tanks left and roll decreased to 17 °. Destroyers approached the aircraft carrier to serve the electricity, and soon the ship earned the dynamo. That same night, the tug arrived from Gibraltar. It seemed that the "Royal Apk" can be saved. Tug "Thames" aircraft carrier slowly dragged to the west. Destroyers and submarine-chasers guarded stricken ship. Arrived tug "Saint Day", and seemed odds "Apk Royal" increased. But the remnants of the crew did not notice that the flooding compartments continues. Water seeped through the seams and bulkheads damaged by the explosion. "Royal Apk" sit deeper until they were flooded boiler flues. Red-hot boilers exploded with a terrible crash. Ceased steam again lost the light, but what is more important - the pump stopped working. Destroyer was ordered to approach the aircraft carrier and to ensure the supply of electricity, but the operation took a while. Pump working again, one of the destroyers began helping tugs, but the carrier was sitting very deep and had a large roll.

    carrier apk Royal


    4.00 was ordered all the remaining people to leave the ship. Tow ropes were cast, and tugs approached the board "Apk Royal" to remove the emergency party. 6.00 In the flight deck "Apk Royal" stood at right angles to the surface of the sea. At 6.13 it was all over. "Apk Royal" went to a watery grave just 25 miles from Gibraltar.


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