USS Aquila






    General characteristics

    Length (m):


    Width (m):


    Displacement (tons):


    Speed (knots):


    Range (miles):


    Draft (m):






    8 135 mm



    Air defense systems:

    12 65 mm
    22 Oerlikon

    aircraft carrier Aquila

    Liner «Roma»


    liner «Roma». Back in the mid-1930s. this ship is planned to convert to a seaplane, able to run, in addition to seaplanes and wheeled vehicles, which after the job will sit on coastal airfields. For a variety of reasons, the project remained unrealized, and the idea of a carrier in Italy returned only after the air strike on Taranto. In January 1941, the drafting of an aircraft carrier on the basis of housing liner.

    aircraft carrier Aquila


    Restructuring «Roma», renamed "Aquila" in February 1942, was of crucial character. The ship's hull was lengthened, and is equipped with onboard bulyami "kliperskim" stem. To improve stability and enhance PTZ boules inner section adjacent to the housing filled with concrete. Inside the body thoroughly reschedule entering a number of longitudinal bulkheads. Completely replaced the EC, borrowing machines and boilers with unfinished cruisers. To improve the survivability was applied "psevdoshahmatnoe" location EU - in each compartment on one side of the center plane stood one MAL, and on the other - on two PCs.

    aircraft carrier Aquila

    Above the upper deck

    former liner completely rebuilt. The newly designed extended superstructure, which was placed in a hangar (160 x 18 m), served as the basis for a flight deck length 216.2 m and a width of 25.3 aircraft from the hangar served up two elevators. All special aircraft equipment (catapults, arresting gear, and the already mentioned elevators) - German production.

    aircraft carrier Aquila

    "Aquila" in the plans of the Italian command assigned the role of "defense umbrella" linear forces on the high seas, so his main strike force had become a fighter. Because at the time the project in Italy lacked specialized deck aircraft, as an interim measure provided basing on an aircraft carrier fighter-bombers Re-2001 with non-folding wings. In the hangar was located just 26 cars, 15 more would be placed there by hanging them under CEILING. Another 10 planned store right on the flight deck. In the case of adopting the developed version of Re-2001 G with folding wings air group increased to 66 cars, all of which could be in the hangar.

    aircraft carrier Aquila

    By September 1943 readiness of the ship was 80%. Captured by German troops in Genoa. Damaged by Allied aircraft 16/6/1944 again seriously damaged by man-torpedoes «Chariots» (with Italian crews) 4/19/1945 and sunk by the Germans.

    aircraft carrier Aquila

    After the war, "Aquila" raised in 1949 and towed to La Spezia for the restoration and completion. However, the project considered obsolete and a half later, the ship passed scrapped.


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