USS Bentisinko de Mayo






    General characteristics

    Length (m):


    Width (m):


    Displacement (tons):


    Speed (knots):


    Draft (m):







    Air defense systems:

    10 40 mm

    carrier bentisinko de Mayo

    "Bentisinko de Mayo" was originally Colossus class aircraft carriers. In April 1968 the ship, when it belonged to the Netherlands, suffered a serious fire in the boiler room, and its overall repair uneconomic. The following October, the ship bought in Argentina, and after conversion in the Netherlands, he joined the Argentine Navy September 1, 1969 The ship is equipped with a modified CICS CAAIS company "Ferranti" and displays with consoles Super CAAIS «Plessis." This system allows the vehicle to manage his deck aircraft and communicate with the communication channels with two Type 42 destroyers of the Argentine Navy and BIS ASAWS 4. Modified superstructure differs significantly ottakih same on other Colossus class aircraft carriers. From 1980-1981. ship was subjected to the next repair, during which it reinforced flight deck and retrofit it for the extra space to allow to be ready for two more aircraft. For Argentina acquired aircraft carrier "Super Etendard". By the time the war over the Falkland Islands (Falkland crisis), none of these strike aircraft not yet reached the level based on the aircraft carrier. His aircraft carrier battle group consisted of eight A-4Q «Skyhawk" six S-2E and four SH-3D. "Bentisinko de Mayo" played a major role in the initial landing on the Falklands and was ready to strike against the British task force May 2, 1982

    carrier bentisinko de Mayo

    subsequent sinking of the cruiser General Belgrano then forced the Argentine aircraft carrier to move to a relatively safe coastal waters of Argentina, where he is no longer involved in any further action and its air group planted on ground airfields.

    carrier bentisinko de Mayo

    After losing

    Argentina Falklands remaining aircraft "Super Etendard" were supplied by France. They quickly learned the steps from the deck, but the planned modernization has not been completed and handed over the ship for scrap in 1998

    carrier bentisinko de Mayo


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