USS Bogue / The attacker / Amee






    General characteristics

    Length (m):


    Width (m):


    Displacement (tons):


    Speed (knots):


    Draft (m):







    Air defense systems:

    4 Boforc
    10 Oerlikon
    2 102 mm

    aircraft carrier Bogue / attacker / amee

    decision on mass restructuring escort carriers of the buildings of merchant ships was taken immediately after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. As a base for a new series of aircraft carriers was selected transport C-3-S with a steam turbine power plant. The project used the experience of perestroika Long Island with a number of changes. So, the flight deck and hangar had increased size, number samoletopodemnikov brought to two (capacity - 6,3 t, dimensions 12.6 x grounds-10.1 m). Supply of aviation fuel was 340,650 l.

    aircraft carrier Bogue / attacker / amee


    type "Bogue" were built in two series. The first includes 21 units: 10 U.S. and 11 UK (type "Attacker"). The second (type 24 "Ameer") was built specifically for the British, but one of the ships - "Prince William" - was in the U.S. Navy. The main difference between the ships of the second series became elongated to 141.7 m flight deck and a smaller supply of aviation fuel.

    aircraft carrier Bogue / attacker / amee

    CVE-9 Bogue1942/1959

    By mid-1943 the command of the U.S. Atlantic Fleet, it became clear that participation in convoys escort carriers pointless. Finding out the fleet commander Admiral Ingersoll decided to try a new tactic in the fight against Nazi submarines, pirate allies on trade lanes. This tactic was to create a special shock-search groups. The first such group consisted of ships carrier "Bogue" and four destroyers. They were instructed to conduct a free search in those areas of the ocean, which was supposed to focus enemy submarines. If necessary, the group had to go to the rescue of any convoy that needed help.

    new tactics brought immediate success: in his first campaign with the aircraft "Bogue" fascist sank two boats and one seriously injured, and things were so ...

    aircraft carrier Bogue / attacker / amee

    June 5 fighter "Wildcat" and torpedo-bomber "avendzher" found 63 miles from the aircraft carrier enemy submarine U-217. Knowing that submariners Admiral Doenitz began skilful use anti-aircraft machine to repel attacks from the air, the pilot ordered the fighter bomber attack first. Machine-gun fire "Wildcat" destroyed the artillery crew and set fire to the wheelhouse. And then "avendzher" came out on the attack from the sun, anti-submarine bombs dropped from a height of 30 m from their explosions U-217 began, lifting the stern go nose in the water. Took advantage of a fighter: making another run, he struck a submarine cannon and machine guns.

    aircraft carrier Bogue / attacker / amee

    Three days later stumbled on another boat - U-758 that ran on the surface in the Caribbean Sea. Rushed to the attack "avendzher" met heavy fire quad 20-mm anti-aircraft first installed it on U-758, dropped bombs accurately. Nearby, a submarine bombs fell overboard and second, damaged by antiaircraft fire bomber. The boat slowly circulating, evading attacks. Only when it came to the rescue to the battlefield fighters destroyed servants antiaircraft gun, U-758 went into a dive. This did not fail to take advantage of one of the "Avenger" that dropped anti-submarine bombs from a height of 20 m with great difficulty managed to break away from the damaged boat pursuit and return to base.

    aircraft carrier Bogue / attacker / amee

    Finally, on June 12 airplanes "Bogue" found "cash cow» U-118 - the so-called Nazi sailors submarine tankers that supplied fuel submarine pirates. Tanker tried to go deep, but fortunately dropped bomb trapped in mine-torpedo compartment, sent it to the bottom.

    Using search and anti-shock groups met the highest expectations.

    CVE-11 Card1942/1970

    CVE-12 Copahee1942/1959

    CVE-13 Core1942/1970

    CVE-16 Nassau1942/1959

    CVE-18 Altamaha1942/1959

    D02 Attacker1942/1946

    D18 Battler1942/1946

    D91 Stalker1942/1945

    D80 Hunter1943/1945

    D24 Trecker1943/1945

    D64 Fencer1943/1946

    D32 Chaser1943/1946

    D40 Searcher1943/1945

    D70 Ravager1943/1946

    D12 Striker1943/1946

    D73 Pursuer1943/1946

    D83 Thane1943/1945

    15.1.1945 torpedoed by German submarine U-482 at the mouth of the River Clyde (an explosion killed 10 people.), put in reserve and not restored.

    D19 Queen1943/1946

    D72 Ruler1943/1946

    CVE-20 Barnes1943/1959

    CVE-21 Block Island1943/1944

    29.5.1944 420 miles south of the Azores torpedoed by German submarine U-549. Half an hour after hitting three torpedoes sank.

    CVE-23 Breton1943/1972

    CVE-25 Croatan1943/1970

    CVE-31 Prince William1943/1959

    D26 Slinger1943/1946

    D51 Atheling1943/1946

    D62 Khedive1943/1946

    D01 Ameer1943/1946

    D38 Begum1943/1946

    D37 Trumpeter1943/1946

    D42 Empress1943/1946

    D98 Emperor1943/1946

    D90 Speaker1943/1947

    D77 Nabob1943/1944

    22.8.1944 damaged German torpedo submarine U-354, put in reserve and not restored.

    D23 Premier1943/1946

    D21 Shah1943/1945

    D07 Patroller1943/1946

    D10 Rajah1944/1946

    D03 Ranee1944/1946

    D85 Trouncer1944/1946

    D33 Arbiter1944/1946

    D55 Smiter1944/1946

    D79 Puncher1944/1946

    D82 Reaper1944/1946


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